Mohegan Sun: July 2016

Set out this morning on the road to Connecticut. On the way I had to stop at a Post Office, which brought me on some back roads. Along the way, I saw a rock painted to look like a dalmation (it was next to a firehouse)


Tipping the Odds asked me to check out some Deuces Wild pay tables (I am clueless when it comes to VP but Tipping the Odds said the pay tables did not correspond to the machines he usually plays):


Sat down to play and two gentlemen joined me – although one of them left when he realized it was 100minimum – the shoe started off nicely and I was quickly up 400.
I had 150 up and was dealt:

Ace,Ace v. dealer K

First Ace: dealt another Ace (and I forgot I’m in CT and not Vegas so no re-splitting);

Second Ace: dealt a King

However, when I went to split I offered up a 150 “free bet” coupon–the dealer waved it off telling me I could not use it–the pit boss seconded that – so, I asked why, it is an even money bet (they said a split is not considered an even money bet HUH‽)

Does anyone get this logic?
So, I used it on the next hand and lost it without ceremony.
Without further incident, after two shoes I was up 500 and decided to take a break.
Trip is +500
Walked around a bit and sat down again:

First hand out of the gate was a 9,2 v dealer 6
I doubled and was dealt a 9
Dealer turns over a 5 then draws a queen for 21
Second hand dealer blackjack
Third hand dealer made 21 yet again

By the end of the shoe, including losing 4 doubles, I had given back the 500 plus another 1k.

Being superstitious, I switched tables – the dealer shuffled and, as soon as he finished shuffling, he tapped out…which leads me to another superstition, leaving on a dealer change–however, this time I decided to at least play a hand (although I did ask the dealer if I could make a 1k side bet that she would deal herself a blackjack—she laughed and said “don’t be silly”).  You all know what happened. I left after that one hand.

Went back to the original table I was at, now down 1100 from the bankroll and the first three hands went like this:

1: Me: Blackjack (even money with dealer having an Ace showing (no lectures please))
2: Dealer blackjack
3: Me: blackjack; dealer blackjack

Then, of all things, he was tapped out. Once again, I stayed and went on an amazing run…I won the next 12 out of 15 hands – however, the three hands I lost are when I pressed to 300
So, as it stands now, I am back to even for the trip.

I then went to the Robert Graham store and bought a dress shirt and pair of pants with the 350 companies dollars I was given after the incident last time I was here.


Sat back down for another session as I still wasn’t hungry enough for dinner

The dealer said she had a feeling I’d win the first hand and I should go “all in” – I should have listened to her as I won the hand lol

So, after that, it was a roller coaster (as usual) but I was able to remain safely in my seat and by the end of the shoe I had regained a 500 lead.

I then headed to the Sachem Lounge and enjoyed a drink and some potato latkes with applesauce.

Just touring around right now and stopped to listen to the Gin Blossoms playing in the Wolf Den

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