Vegas: June 2016 Day 13

I awoke this morning to check-in for my flight online and feel promptly back to sleep.  I arranged for a late checkout of 5pm and am now, at this point, just having a meal before heading to the airport.

Cashing in chips downtown is so much different than the Strip.  Here all purple or higher denomination chips seeking to be cashed must be verified by the pit where you played.  What I don’t understand is:  what if you played in multiple pits? what if one of the pit bosses forget or misentered a chip count? would they have to go back and review surveillance to ensure the person didn’t steal the chip(s)?

On the strip, and even in AC and CT, the only time a chip was ever called in was for a 5k chip.  Granted, places like the Aria have some “scale” that weighs the chips to determine if they are real or fake but, once deemed real, they cash them without further incidence.

What are your thoughts on this?


Had a late breakfast at Dupars.  I can’t resist their world famous pancakes and, as always, they did not disappoint.  The melted butter drizzled over them puts them over the top.

From there, I headed back to the room to pack and check-out.  As I still had a couple of hours, I relaxed in the spots book watching my Metsies get wrecked.

It was then time to go to the airport so I opened the LYFT app and an older gentleman named Barry drove me to the airport.  What I found strange was that he asked me which direction I wanted to go, but I do not think LYFT charges more for long hauling -the fee is based on the LYFT GPS – who knows – it is the suspicious NY’r in me that asks these questions.

Once in the airport I began to wonder who were bigger idiots, TSA employees or humans in general.  How hard is it to remove your shoes?  I also never realized that 95% of the people out there carry more things in their pockets than I have in my home.  They pulled more things out of their pockets than Mary Poppins did out of her carpetbag.

Finally, about to enter the X-ray scanner, the line was informed the scanner was “down” and we would merely walk through the metal detector.  What’s the point of the X-ray scanner if the metal detector option is used?  If the X-ray scanner was so good, wouldn’t they make us wait for it to be “up” again?

So, now I await my flight and there is a repeated message about someone walking off with the wrong backpack from a flight – got to love airports.


This trip was my longest in my history of coming to Vegas.  When I first arrived it felt like I would be here forever and the end seemed so distant.  However, as I woke up this morning it felt like it merely flashed by and, to paraphrase Inigo Montoya, I wished I was back at the beginning.

Could I do another two week trip – yes.  Will future trips work out that way?  Perhaps.  I am glad I did touristy things this trip as I do not think I could have spent every day gambling.  

I am looking forward to my next trip (which I will start planning soon) and amhappy to have had you all along for the ride.

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