Vegas: June 2016 Day 10

“The world needs ditch diggers too.”-Judge Smails (Caddyshack)

I awoke in a good mood and ready to see what the gambling world would throw at me today.  Well, the gambling gods were ready for me from the get-go.

I had 200 in free slot play available to me so I searched and searched and finally settled upon a $5 machine:

I proceeded to play and, after 40 spins, the machine had only paid out once, for $25.  No wonder I only play slots when I am given FSP.

I then headed to the blackjack tables and ran into a buzzsaw of hands:

I won the first hand of the 2D shuffle with a 20.  Thereafter, for that shuffle and the subsequent shuffle, I did not win another hand.  Of the 2600 I was up for the trip, 1500 was now gone.  Expletives exploded from my mouth as I switched to a 6D game.

The 1100 I was still up did not last long and, by the end of the shoe, I only had 200 left.

I switched back to 2D with the last 200 of the 2600 and lost the first 2 hands.

In less than 20 minutes, the 2600 had disappeared.

I then gathered my promo chips in the amount 625 and attempted to make another run.

Within 2 shuffles of 2D I had regained 1k and things were looking up.

However, a few shuffles later, I was down to my last 100.  From that lowly beginning I made it all the way back to 1900.  Moments later, I had lost 3 double downs and 2 splits.  I was back down to 700 of the 2600.  The table filled up with players in town for the tournament and, as the conversation flowed, a positive energy took over and we all started to actually push and win some hands, especially doubles and splits.  The lady playing 3rd base had been grandfathered in from when the table was 25min. and she was even able to press up to 75 on a good run.

By the end of about three hours of play, I came close to regaining the 2600 back a couple of times.  However, the tournament registration time began getting closer and closer and decided that, after winning a double down that out me at +2300 for the trip, I would end the session and go register for the tournament.

As such, I am now +2300 for the trip.


Cool chandelier close-up at GN:

A mariachi band at GN:

Jaws, anyone:

Went to register for the blackjack tournament (they are also giving away 100 in FSP to 10 people (as winners did not have to be present, I grabbed some food then waited on line to register)).
While in line, people were discussing the pros and cons of buying a “mulligan” for $50.  Basically, in Round 1 of the tournament only, you can replace any card dealt to you, one time only.  I was curious to find out if this included a card dealt for a double down.  The registration clerk did not know but, within five minutes, the powers that be alerted everyone that it could be used to change a card given on a double down and could even be used to reverse a bust by taking a new card.  Now, the next card out could also bust you as it is merely the next card in the shoe.  Armed with that knowledge, I decided to splurge for the “mulligan”.

After registration I grabbed some Starbucks, headed for the room and got ready for the evening.  Shall we see what it has in store?


Sat down to play a post-dinner session and joined a 2D game with one of the gentlemen that was playing at my earlier game.
I started out with a push on 18 followed by a push on 20 followed by an ass-whooping by the dealer of 12 straight hands over two shuffles. Once again, it seems I cannot start out any blackjack session winning a hand. I decided to switch to a 6D shoe game in the hopes of staving off insanity.
Within the first three hands I had already regained 600 as I won three doubles in a row. However, the dealer then had 3 naturals in the next 6 hands and I was, once again, riding the blackjack roller coaster.
Midway through the shoe, this happened on three consecutive hands:
150 bet up

dealt 7,3 v dealer 7

doubled and dealt a 7

dealer flips over a King for a push
150 bet up

dealt 5,5 v dealer 8

doubled and dealt an 8

dealer flips over a Queen for a push
150 bet up

dealt 9,2 v dealer King

double and dealt a Jack

dealer flips over a 10

finally, a winning double
by the end of the shoe I had once again recovered to the point where the trip is +2300
After a five minute break, I sat back down at the original 2D table where I had been summarily dismissed moments ago (why does blackjack become personal, meaning it feels so much better winning money back against a dealer that took it origjnally)?)
Well, I won the first two hands and thought I was on my way. Oh boy, was I wrong. I proceeded to lose 3 doubles and 5 hands in a row. As such, I had once again diminished my chip pile, this time back to 1600.
I switched to a 6D game I thought was occupied by an older gentleman drinking a glass of wine. He informed me, however, that he has been awake for over 36hoirs and the glass of wine was his insurance that he would indeed fall fast asleep once back in the room.
He stayed for the shoe to cheer me and, luckily, there was something to cheer about. By the last hand of the shoe, I had my chip stack up to 2400. Alas, I was dealt a K,6 versus a dealer King and motioned for Surrender (ever notice how the surrender signal is similar to slicing someone’s neck (not to be morbid lol)).
Therefore, I am now +2350 for the trip.
I spent the rest of the night watching some blackjack and chatting up the dealers and pit crew.
Going to grab a burger and fries and call it a night — sweet dreams

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