Vegas: June 2016 Day 9

Last night was so much fun…met a cool couple from Houston and basically drank with them and then watched them play blackjack.  They started out playing 100/hand and a few shoes later had it up to 5k/hand.  Unfortunately, they ended up on the losing side but what a ride.  I wish them a safe trip home.

I woke up this morning paying for the 5 gigantic margaritas I had last night and hastily threw all my clothes and accoutrements into my suitcase as the limo would be arriving at 11am to pick me up for my fourth and final hotel of the trip – downtown Vegas baby – the Golden Nugget.

I checked in and headed up to the room – this was about 11:30am:

and, before I knew it, I had fallen asleep and woke up just in time to shower and ready myself for the “Last Man Standing” blackjack event:

Surprisingly, I made it to the 6th round but it was not meant to be as I busted out.

I then made my way over to the blackjack tables in the High Limit room and played back and forth for a few shuffles of 2D before things turned, with the following being the “highlights” – in Tweet form:

So yes, the struggle is real – but, much like my friend @blackjackROI – I would not be denied!

I was, once again, down to the last 500 of my 2500 buy-in, when a lady sat down at my table and said she needed a change in luck – I told her I felt the same and maybe from here on out we would both get back to even.  She was playing two hands at 200/hand and I continued with 100/hand with the hopes of being able to press.

What occurred next was amazing.  Over the course of two shuffles, not only had I gotten back to the 2500 mark, but actually made 100. I won all my doubles and was dealt a couple of naturals.

Having spent the entire night “chasing”, I called it an evening–the lady at the table asked why I was stopping when it was just getting good – I informed her I had had enough of the roller coaster for the night and wished her good luck.

I then hit Fremont for some sights, sounds and smells:

Headed back to GN to summarize the day while sitting poolside:

Trip is +2600

Sweet dreams

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