Vegas: June 2016 Day 8

I laid in bed last night for about 4 hours before I was able to fall asleep.  For some reason, even relatively short flights (NY–>Vegas) cause me to have jet lag for weeks.  So, after finally falling asleep around 4am, I woke up at 10am and got ready for the day.

I grabbed some Starbucks and headed to the tables.

Sitting down on the positive side once again felt good — I was ready to keep the train rolling.  

The cards had a different idea as the dealer had a face or Ace up almost every hand for three straight shuffles of 2D.

Before I raised the white flag and switched tables, I had lost the 1k I was winning plus another 600 to boot.

Switching tables did not prove to be beneficial as more of the same occurred and I was once again down 1300 for the trip.

I decided to switch to a 6D game in the hopes of at least getting back to even.

This switch was just what the blackjack doctor ordered as, by the end of the shoe, I had regained the 1300 I was down.  I sat through another shoe and was able to win some key double downs, eventually regaining the 1k I had been up.

As such, the trip is once again in the positive at +1k


Sat down to play earlier and there was a guy sitting whom I played with yesterday.  I asked how he was doing and asked if he minded if I joined him (this was a courtesy, figuring he wouldn’t mind) — he replied that he would like to play a few hands on his own as he was the one responsible for getting the table opened (and equally responsible for having the second double deck game shut down).  I obliged and he proceeded to lose a quick 1k.  He left the table and the dealer began shuffling so I decided to sit down.  Moments later, the guy reappeared with another 200 buy-in.  He lost this on the second hand and I was left alone, down 100 until the inal hand where I was dealt a blackjack.  

I decided to switch tables with my 50 win.

At the next table, a 6D shoe game, I started off riding the roller coaster but, with the help of some doubles and splits, was able to end the shoe up another 450.

As it stands now, trip is +1500 and I am heading to relax and figure out what to have for dinner.

I decided on Javier’s – the delicious Mexican food restaurant at Aria:


After dinner, I sat down to a double deck game and, by the end of the shuffle, I was ahead another 600, bringing the trip total to +2100.  

As I was playing, @blackjackROI stopped by and we took a conversation break before heading to play some blackjack:

We sat down at a 6D game, he at first base and I at third.  The first shoe was a disaster for him but I stayed about even.  The second shoe was a disaster for me and slightly better for him. In the third shoe, I was able to win a few double downs and, about halfway through, I was up another 400 for the trip, bringing my grand total at present to +2500.

However, @blackjackROI’s blackjack session was not over as he was down to his last 500 of his 1500 buy-in.  He rode the roller coaster, but, finally, he was down to his last 100, an amalgamation of green, red and blue chips along with a couple of silvers for good measure.  

He won that hand and began a march towards blackjack greatness as he turned that one last bet into a winning session — he turned 100 into over 2k — AMAZING!  A round of applause for @blackjackROI .

It was great meeting him and look forward to more blackjack meet-ups in the future.

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