Vegas: June 2016 Day 7

Began the day by taking a LYFT down to the GN to collect some free slot play (200) and promo chips (250) bringing my free play available this weekend at GN to 825 (which I hope is helpful).
Headed back to the Strip and checked in at Aria:

After settling in, I headed down to play blackjack, only down 1k for the trip.

The 6D shoe started off nicely and by the midway point, I had gotten halfway back to even.  Then, a dealer shift to a dealer I normally do not like playing with.  As she came in she exclaimed “WOW  you’re going to play at my table?”  It was at this point a guy decided to join in midshoe, his strategy was playing one hand then two hands then sitting out a hand or two then coming back in.  I now it is all superstition but, from that point to the end of the shoe I lost the 1500 back.

The trip was once again -2k.  I switched pits and bought in again.

I was playing head’s up against the dealer at a 2D game, proceeding to lose or push every hand.  It never ceases to amaze me how dealers can pull 3 or 4 blackjacks in a 2D game.  Of course, streaks of losing by 1 are always fun as well.  I was now down another 1300.

I switched tables and was quickly down another 400, leaving me down 3700 for the trip.

The dealers switched out and I guess the blackjack gods wanted to smile on me as I went on a nice little run and had soon regained  1k of the 3700.

During the third shuffle at the table, I was finally dealt my first blackjack of the day.  I was able to capitalize on that and, by the end of the shuffle I had regained another 700.

As such, at this time, I am once again -2k for the trip.


So I went up to the room to take a break and ended up taking a 90 minute nap.  Took a shower and feeling refreshed.

I decided to play a little blackjack before dinner:

first hand dealt a blackjack

second hand dealt a 20 and won

third hand dealt 3,3 v 3 — split and dealt 10,J — dealer flips over a 2 then draws a 10 and K another win

then pushed a few hands, busted a couple then finally ended in a flourish, winning 4 in a row

At the end of the shuffle I had regained 850

Trip is now only -1150 

Dinner break:

Go Team USA! 🇺🇸


In the time it took me to walk from the restaurant to the high limit room (approximately 15 seconds, Argentina scored).

I should have taken that as an omen as I sat down to play.  I lost the first 8 hands and was quickly back down 2k.

I switched pits and whenever the pit would come over and chat me up I would win — so, I basically let the dealer keep me posted on my hands and when necessary, I doubled and split.  After 5 shuffles of 2D, I had regained 1100.
Trip is now -900


Some sights at Crystals:


I stopped at the MLIFE deal to check on my tier points and saw a penny next to the girl’s computer and asked if they was her lucky pen to.  She replied, “no, it’s your lucky penny.”  I could not pass up superstition and sat down for another round at a 6D game with an Asian gentleman joining me at the table.

I lost the first three hands with 18, 20 and 19 but then was able to hit a nice double down. By the end of the shoe, I had regained another 400.

The trip is now only -500.

I then stopped in to take a photo of the $5,000/spin slot machine:

Who among you will play this machine?


After a brief respite back in the room, I sat down to play at a 2D game.  Dealer had blackjacks the first 2 hands but, thereafter, the shuffle was all me.

I won two double downs, dealt a natural and won 3 in a row.  By the end of the shuffle, I had surpassed EVEN and was once again in the positive for the trip.

Trip is +300


I took a break for a trip to Burger Lounge:

Feeling satiated, I headed over to the blackjack tables to continue my adventure into positive territory.

I lost the first three hands of the 6D shoe and then caught run of winning two hands in a row!  The roller coaster struck again as I went on a downswing of about 700, once again leaving me down 600 for the trip.

However, I kept my thoughts positive and soon the shoe lined up with my thoughts and hit a beautiful upswing, winning two double downs and a few hands in a row.  By the end of the shoe, I had gotten way into positive terirtory.

Trip is +1k

Sweet dreams.

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