Vegas: June 2016 Day 5

Ok this is the last blog post to play catchup for the days lost from my losing my phone and having to wait for a new one.
Day 5 began with some blackjack:
I wanted to see if I could double the 1050 I was up during the session and, if I did, I would stop for the day.

I was dealt a first hand blackjack while attempting to find a waitress.  Despite the lit calling for one repeatedly, it took one over 30 minutes to appear.  Apparently, they were in the middle of a shift change and I was collateral damage. 

Luckily, by the time the waitress finally took the drink order and returned, I had indeed doubled my 1050, with the trip becoming +2100 for blackjack!
We then headed poolside once again where I actually fell asleep for about an hour, the clouds assisting in keeping me from looking like a lobster.

After the pool it was time to get ready for Cirque du Soleil Mystere.  We had amazing seats and the man in front of us got called onto the stage by the “Big Baby” character – the audience member extremely reluctant at first but, eventually succumbing to the audience applause.

A post-Cirque dinner was in order and we made our way to CARBONE at Aria.  AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.  Outstanding service and outstanding food.  The spicy vodka rigatoni was divine, along with the meatballs.  This was followed by bananas flambé – beyond words.

At this point we headed back to Paris and played some more a lot machines, losing another 100 thereon.

The night ended with the trip at +1800 (+2100 blackjack -300 slots)

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