Vegas: June 2016 Day 4

Blackjack tournament day!!!

So I registered and was assigned my table for round 1 of the blackjack tournament here at Paris.

Round 1 would consist of a 6-player table, each player receiving 1k in chips, with the top 2 chip holders at the table after 20 hands moving on to round 2.

It was not until hand number 7 that I actually won a hand.  From there, it did not get my better, not winning another hand until hand number 13.  From there, it was just a hop, skip and a jump to being unceremoniously eliminated from the tournament.  I wished the three gentlemen that were left at the table good luck and a fond farewell and descended upon the blackjack tables to play with chips that had actual monetary value.

The first shoe began much like the tournament ended, with the dealer having the following for her first three hands:


From there, I rode the roller coaster for about an hour, before ending where I started, +1050 for blackjack.

It was then time to have dinner and what an experience it was. We ate at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  The elevators opened to the kitchen and thought “uhoh” but, the chefs all laughed and pointed us in the right direction – apparently most people are confused when getting off the elevator.

The view of the Bellagio fountains was spectacular and I even tried escargot before sticking with a main stream NY Strip steak which was cooked wonderfully.  A pistachio soufflé for dessert and we were off to see Britney.  I knew a few of the songs and had no idea how devoted her fans were — they were screaming non-stop as if Elvis was still in the building.  Some highlights:

Afterwards, we went to check out the Conservatory at the Bellagio:

Finally, as it was getting late, was time for bed.
Trip still +850 (+1050 blackjack -200 slots)

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