Vegas: June 2016 Day 3

After heading to CVS for some first aid for my feet:

Had some breakfast over at EggSlut located at the Cosmopolitan.  The waiting time was about 45 minutes and, at the end of the proverbial rainbow, I was offered a complimentary “Slut” – the texture of which I was not a fan.  As such, I stuck to my turkey sausage, egg and cheese sandwich with a honey mustar aioli — quite yummy.

Afterwards, headed to Crystals at Aria o attempt to remedy my shoe situation.  I ended up with a nice pair of Chelsea boots from Paul Smith (on sale for 40% off HOLLLLLLA!).

On the way back to Paris, having recently read this post on Vital Vegas, we stopped to try the “Verbena” at the Chandelier Bar at Cosmo.  The waitress, Cassie, walked us through the steps of taking a sip of the drink, then chewing on verbena herb which, after about 30 seconds of chewing, did indeed feel as if there was a sparkler in my mouth (I also liken it to the feeling when novacaine is wearing off an your mouth begins to tingle.  Over the few minutes it took to finish the drink, the flavor of said drink changed from super sweet to super sour to salty – very cool experience that I highly recommend.

Upon returning to Paris, we decided to lay out by the pool and enjoy the triple digit heat that Las Vegas offers this time of year.

There was a poolside DJ spinning everything from Journey to Rhianna which seemed to keep everybody in a party mood.  The pool was spacious and easily accommodated those looking to cool off.

After the pool it was time for a little blackjack and slot play.

I was playing at a table with a young Asian gentleman, who, despite being down 18k, was still able to make jokes and have a good time.  Although, he did say he had yet to tell his wife how much he was losing. Over the course of about 35 minutes, he regained about 7k and I won another 500, the trip now at +1050.

We then ventured to some slots, playing penny machines just for fun.  However, penny machines add up.  Switching from the Sphynx 3-D machine to Rumble to Fanily Feud yielded no positive results, -100 at slots.

It was then time to get ready to JERSEY BOYS.  We circled the casino twice attempting to find the theatre when we were finally directed down a hallway marked “Toilletes”.  Lo and behold, at the end of that hallway, was the theatre.  Whodda thunk it?

The show was incredible and the cast was in perfect voice.  Enjoyed it tremendously and even brought a tear to my during certain emotional scenes.

After the show we ventured over to Planet Hollywood to have some dinner at PF CHANG’s.  On the way there, inside PH, saw a man who seemed to be “Vegas’d out”:

During dinner a girl from Ireland was dining alone next to us while a bachelor party of about 10 guys dined behind us.  The girl from Ireland told us her friend was passed out up in their room after drinking way too much at a day club and she was on her own for her last night in Vegas.  Moments later, she was chatting with the bachelor party table and actually ended up joining them – looks as if she was going to party her last night in Vegas.

Also during dinner, I went to the restroom and, sitting at a slot machine near the entrance thereto, was a scantily clad black woman who motioned to me and then asked if I needed her to come into the restroom with me to “hold it” – I gave her a gold star for her creativity and politely declined.

After dinner, the passed out gentleman from above had not moved but it appeared as if he was still breathing.

We made our way over to the Bellagio side of the street and watched the fountain show before heading back to Paris to play some more slots, this time throwing money away on Big Bang Theory and Wheel of Fortune, -100.

It was once again time for bed, with the first blackjack tournament of the trip commencing in the morning.
Trip is +850 (+1050 blackjack -200 slots)

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