Vegas: June 2016 Day 2

Due to my own absentminded news, Inlost my cell phone somewhere between Scylla and Charabdes.  Therefore, these blog posts are delayed but I will play catchup.

Now, without further ado, Day 2.


As usual, jet lag hit me hard.  I tried going to sleep about midnight but did not actually fall asleep until 3:30am…then waking up intermittently until I couldn’t deal with it anymore, around 8am.

Rather than just lay in bed annoyed at the jet lag, I got up and dressed, picked my belongings, and summoned a LYFT to take me downtown as I had some promo chips to collect before the offer expired.

While there, I had a breakfast The Trooper would have been proud of:

I ate my breakfast and did some downtown people watching before I made my way outside and grabbed a LYFT to the Paris Hotel Casino, which would serve as my new home for the next few days while playing in a blackjack tournament there.

I arrived at Paris and was able to check-in early without a fee and made my way through the casino to my room:

Clean and nice room:

The view:

After relaxing a bit, my friend from out of town arrived and we headed out to dinner and then onward to the High Roller:

I decided to wear the new shoes I bought this evening OUCH – what a mistake that was.  To describe how the shoes felt I will do so I n the immortal words of Clubber Lang: “PAIN!”

Upon getting back to Paris, I played some blackjack, nothing much to write home about and, after about an hour or so, I was +600.

At this point, between the heat of the day and pain in my feet, it was time for bed, the trip at this point being +550.

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