Rant: M/F societal interactions

I have learned throughout my years on the planet Earth, and, most recently, about an hour ago, that, for all of the feminists that continually shout that men and women are equal and must be treated the same, there is no way they would actually want this — why, well, here is what just happened to me:

Incident #1:
I was pulling into a gas station and was turning to get next to a pump—as I was pulling up to the pump, a woman (about 35 years old from the looks of it), sped in from the opposite direction, slamming on her brakes before almost hitting the front of my SUV.

I looked at her and raised my shoulders and said “What are you doing?”

She flips me the bird

Gets out of her car and, as she walks past my passenger side window, looks at me and says “Ya snooze ya lose”


Incident #2:
So, here is what happened at Target (also a couple of years ago):

I was waiting in line and a new lane opened up…however, nobody had moved towards the new lane
The woman in front of me, who, by the looks of it, has manatee DNA somewhere in her bloodline, had a space of about 3 cart lengths in front of her (for no apparent reason)
I asked her if she was going to slide over to the newly opened lane – she replied “No”
I then asked her if she could move up so I could get over to the newly opened lane, which nobody had yet gone to
She looked at me, gave me an eye roll and said “Ughhhhhhh!” – then slowly moved forward so I could get past her to the other lane

At that exact moment, another woman was speeding towards the newly opened lane and, upon barely missing my cart with hers, looked at me and said
“You can do what you want, but I was here first!!!”

Once again I ask if I man would have done that to another man…?

If this was a man, there would have been words and likely physical altercation…

However, I hypothesize the following:

1—a man would not do this, knowing that doing something like this could lead to a fight;
2—a woman does this because, despite being “equal”, knows that 99.9% of males in society will do nothing in response

As such, she can cut off someone in line for gas, flip them off and then continue to be the aggressor by mouthing off to the male as she passes his window.

This is why chivalry is dead and men and women will never be “equal” — women will never be accountable to men in these types of situations because society condones said behavior and prohibits men from acting like they would if another man did this to them.

I am not advocating for violence at all but, you cannot tell me that this whole scenario would have been different if it was a male that did this to me.

Society will never be able to treat everyone as equal. Should a person with mental retardation be treated the same for criminal acts than a person of normal intelligence? Should a paraplegic be made to take the stairs like everyone else (that would be equal treatment)? So, all of this talk about gender equality is B.S. – the sexes are not equal. Who do you want trying to carry you out of a burning building – a 200 pound fireman or a 120 pound firewoman? Men and women are different, once people begin to accept that and embrace those differences, society can move past all of this B.S.

The point of this post is women’s behaviors towards men that men would never get a pass on from other men (i.e. what the woman felt “safe” in doing and how she acted after doing so towards me at the gas station) — not what men can do alone or women can do alone (men can choose to walk down a dark street, but so can women) – women can give birth, men cannot — men produce sperm, women cannot — the differences between the genders is not in question here – actually, I am stating there are differences in the genders – but, that is not the point of this post.

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