Rant: Craps (MUST ROLL)

So I am not a craps player at all – the only time I played was in Aria and I won $100 but had a bad experience with the croupier calling for a “mystery bet”

So I was down in AC with family and friends at the GNAC and the following happened

We were playing at a $15minimum table and, after a few rolls, I was up $75


My friends and I were the only people at the table–I had money on the PASS line when my phone rang and I had to answer it–while I was talking (less than 1 minute) the point was established and when I turned around the point had been made —however, I was unable to get my odds bet down
Apparently, my friends told the croupier they wanted to wait for me to get off the phone (as I held my finger up signaling “1 minute”) — the croupier hounded them and told them they MUST ROLL IMMEDIATLEY (I do not know what ramifications would have occurred had they not)
This really annoyed me, especially considering it was only our group playing
Missed putting odds on a roll because my phone was ringing–of course, from that point forward lost the 75 I was up plus another 90


Very annoying!

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