Coincidence? Randomness of life?

This is a non-gambling related story that happened to me about 2 years ago.  It is something that, to this day, makes me wonder as I think it goes beyond improbable:

As you all may or may not know, I am a divorce attorney in my real life…
I am handling a complex divorce matter and my client’s husband is a financially and physically abusive SOB…
I have been on the case for about 8 months thus far and there is even an allegation of bias against the Judge herein (by my client and me)
Ok, so, yesterday, I was working from home on a brief on this case
My home phone rang
I looked at the caller ID and the name that came up was my client’s husband’s name
I answered the phone and was asked if I heated my home with oil or gas
I replied “Not interested” and hung up
I immediately telephoned my client as NONE of my clients have my home phone number and my home phone number is unlisted
I read her the number and she informed me that it was their home phone number 10 YEARS ago
I notified the other attorney as I am very suspicious of my client’s husband
He got back to me and stated that that phone number was a home number for the parties approximately 10 years ago and that his client called their then carrier (ATT) and was informed the phone number was now transferred to a Verizon account…and this new account holder somehow calls my unlisted HOME number from the same number the parties had 10 YEARS ago…with my client’s husband’s name still coming up on the caller ID…???

Your thoughts…?

What are the odds…?


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