Rant: AC and Surrender

On 100min. blackjack games, upon request only (allowing Surrender as a rule at the table requires 100% consensus by all at the table) , Golden Nugget AC allows Late Surrender.

When I am there, I always ask for it.
So, the last time I was there the following two scenarios happened:

#1–I sat down and awaited the end of a shoe as the players there had requested No Mid Shoe entry. As the dealer shuffled and the floor person took my player’s card, I asked for the SURRENDER sign. The floor person proceeded to inform me she would have to ask the other players at the table if they agreed or not with allowing SURRENDER. since they were there at the table before me, they had a right to veto. they had been betting between 200 and 800 per hand. They asked what SURRENDER was, even asking if it was a “side bet”. Once it was explained to them, they stated they did not want it at the table as they would not use it and if I decided to SURRENDER a hand, it could mess up the flow of the cards.
This cued my exit;

#2–I was at a table by myself with SURRENDER and another gentleman came in. He refused to give a player’s card and even gave three different names to the dealer, floor and waitress. I figured he was counting. a few hands in I had a K,6 versus dealer 10 and I SURRENDERED. His eyes lit up and he excitedly exclaimed “they have SURRENDER?!?”. From this point forward he SURRENDERED every 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 versus a dealer 10 or Ace.
I played out the shoe and left. Could this have been a cover play for the guy that first shoe???


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