Ethics at Target

A couple of years ago, I was at Target and waiting in one of the three queues then open—the lines were long. A new register opened and the manager grouped us over to the new lane.
I was now first in line and I was buying a case of canned dog food on sale for $7.49

The girl scanned the case and the register showed it being $.70 total.

We both looked at one another quizzically and I informed her that the price should have rang up at $7.49

She scanned it 3 more times on different bar codes on the package and 2 times it came up as $.70 and 1 time came up as “Error Invalid”

I informed her she could just punch in the item cost at $7.49 as I did not want her to get into trouble for not knowing how to scan properly or whatever it is she could get into trouble for…if, at all.

The people behind me mumbled that they should have stayed on the original line but, they saw what was going on and realized I was not contesting the price in an effort to get a discount and merely trying to assist the cashier.

Finally, the cashier went and spoke to another cashier who told her to just ring it up at the $7.49 price – my cashier waived this advice and instead found another price scanner and came back.
She once again scanned all 3 locations on the package with the same result. I once again informed her she should just ring up the $7.49 – to which, she replied “But it is only scanning for $.70” – I told her that is the price per can and not for the case. She shrugged her shoulders and said “$.70”

So I gave her the $.70 and was on my way

Just to clear this up – I wanted to pay the real price of $7.49 and the cashier refused to accept it, stating she had to go by the price scanner which only said $.70

Was this ethical…?

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