Rant: Gambler’s nonsense

(This occurred a few years ago but did not qualify as a trip report, hence no “Retro Report” moniker)


So this past weekend I was in Atlantic City. Now, I must give you some background info prior to moving forward…a floorperson that used to work at another casino started working at the casino I now frequent when it opened. She had always been somewhat of a “mush” for me and actually took pleasure (sarcasm, maybe?) in being a “cooler” when I was playing. When this new casino first opened and I saw her working there, I stayed away from any pit she happened to be working at. However, one time I was playing (and losing badly) and she came up behind me. Apparently, she had been on a break from the pit I was playing in. I immediately removed myself and she said “Can’t take the heat?” – I told her I did not think her comments were funny – to which she laughed. I asked that she no longer address me if she saw me as I would no longer place myself in her pit. A couple of weeks later, I felt a sharp pain on my earlobe while sitting at a bj table. I turned to see the “cooler” laughing behind me…she had just flicked my earlobe while I was playing. I told her that her behavior was inexcusable, especially in light of my previous conversation with her. She was reprimanded by HR (supposedly).

That was about a year ago and every time I See her at a pit, I avoid that pit. However, lately, she has been in the high limit pit and, during those times, this casino has not had any other 6D, S17 games open. Therefore, when she is in the high limit pit, I avoid it and must wait til the night time shift in order to play at this casino.

This past weekend, there was another pit open with 6D, S17. However, there was only 1 seat open as it was actually crowded (for a change) The one seat that was open was next to a woman that used to be friendly to me – that is, until, I MADE HER LOSE?!?

The situation occurred about a month ago. The shoe started with 3 players plus myself at the table. I won the first five hands and got up, stating I had won my goal for the session. She stated that I was going to ruin the table for everyone and that stopping such an amazing winning streak (5 hands in my favor I suppose was amazing to her) was ludicrous. I informed her that if my seat’s amazing win streak was going to continue, that she should play my spot as well…I told her I would be very happy for her to take all the winnings I was supposedly due from staying in that seat. She said “that’s not the point” – I said, “the point is not to win? And here I am granting you access to the winningest seat at the table apparently, yet you turn it down?” – she rolled her eyes at me and I left. About 3 hours later she finds me in another part of the casino and tells me that I “cost her $3k by getting up” – I said, how long did it take you to lose that? she said “just that one shoe” – so I asked if she played my spot ( knowing full well she would never do that) and she said “no” – I told her that she should have, considering she thought the order of the cards was so sacred – she shook her head – I then asked her why she stayed if she went on such a losing streak – to which she replied “well, what else was I going to do?” – I said “get up” and walked away

Now, my choices to play on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 12noon til 8pm were as listed above. I chose to walk around complaining, bullish**ting with people, walking on the boardwalk and generally having a relaxing afternoon, waiting to play until the evening…

Has anyone had any sort of similar experience?
What was the scenario? How did you handle it?

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