Vegas May 2016: Saturday Night Fever

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday once I checked into PH but, ended up switching rooms and dealing with Wi-Fi issues.  Then, thought I was going to see Zumanity but couldn’t find someone to join me so bowed out–despite having walked all the way over to the NYNY box office (the Zumanity ladies at the box office were very helpful and it was no problem canceling the tickets).

While I was in the neighborhood, I toured “The Park” — for some reason, I thought it was more than just another restaurant row.  The Bliss Dance statue was cool though:

So, last night I went to my room about 9:30pm to relax and ended up texting and Tweeting about feeling “out of it” and had everyone remind me that I am on vacation in Vegas and many people would love to trade places with me – my subconscious kicked my ass with depressing dreams, perhaps to show me that waking up to reality was better than nightmares.

I woke up, put a smile on my face, and headed to Earl of Sandwich for breakfast:


Thereafter, I braved the elements and took a walk:

Finally felt the itch to play some cards and discovered some nonsense in the PH Hi-Limit room – to wit: double deck blackjack where the dealer hits soft 17 and the player cannot double after a split – no thank you!

Ended up playing one shoe of 6d, losing the first 4 hands then pushing  21, watching the dealer get 2 blackjacks and then, on the last hand of the shoe, being dealt a blackjack myself.  Remarkably, I had won $50 in the shoe.

I needed some caffeine so headed to Starbuck’s and, once re-invigorated, sat down to play another shoe.

Things started out nicely and I was quickly up 400 – a lady then joined me at the table and I maintained a positive chip count, and, on the last hand was up 650 for the shoe – I put out a 150 bet, was dealt a 10,7 and was unceremoniously beaten by a dealer 18

As such, picked up another 500

Trip is now +1600


Went to PH box office to pick up Lionel Richie tickets – pet peeve: people who, as soon as they are called to the box office clerk, forget everything they were in line for and all of a sudden get into a long, drawn-out conversation with the clerk, discuss their life stories and idiotically not understand how to read a seating chart – a two minute transaction turns into ten minutes of ridiculousness

Ok, rant over, now have the tickets
Blackjack mini-session:

Sauntered over to play some more cards–played one shoe again and, got a nice little run towards the end, allowing me to once again increase the chip count by another 500


Thunder ✔️

Lightning ✔️

Pouring rain ✔️

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