Vegas April 2016: Rainy day

Slept in til a little past 12noon today. Completed my morning ablutions, got my caffeine fix and proceeded to the blackjack tables.

I played one shuffle of 2d while drinking my latte.  Maybe the caffeine also charged up the cards as I gained a quick 700.  The trip was now only down 700.

The caffeine kicked in and I became hungry.  I sought out some sustenance and, once satiated, resumed my quest towards even and into the positive.

The caffeine buzz the cards seemed to have earlier had worn off.

Over the course of 3 shuffles of 2d, the dealer had 4 blackjacks, 5 blackjacks and 4 blackjacks, respectively.

Not only was the 700 I picked up earlier now a distant memory, but another 300 on top of that.

Dealer change and play resumed.  I was able to hold my own and after 4 shuffles of 2d, I had regained 300 of the 1k back.

However, a shuffle later, the following hand occurred with a 200 bet up:

9,9 v dealer 2

split and dealt another 9

first 9 dealt a 6 for 15

second 9 dealt a 7 for 16

third 9 dealt an 8 for 17

dealer turns over a 10, draws a 4 and then another 4 for 20

By the end of the shuffle, I was once again down 2k for the trip

Just to be silly, and to the delight of the pit, I vowed not to say another word until I regained the buy-in from when I sat down, which would once again leave me only down 700 for the trip.

Well, the blackjack gods must hate the sound of my voice as, within 2 shuffles of 2d, I had regained the 2k.

Trip is now -700


Took a break to watch the rain coming down

then headed back to the tables – joined a table with the Asian lady I’ve been chasing losses with – we both lost about the same the first night and have been on the hunt for ever ever since

the new 2d shuffle began and, by the last hand, I had won 500

the last hand played out like this:

6,5 v dealer 10

drew a 7 for 18

dealer turns over a 7



Time for dinner and see what the evening brings.


Well, dinner was delayed quite a while as I am just sitting down for it now – I was locked out of my room as the mechanism that open the door after it reads the card broke – maintenance attempted to open it with some sort of Slim Jim device but that did not work – ultimately, they basically had to crowbar it open – although it was “fun” standing there in the hallway watching them for an hour – the had to pack up the room and move to another room

Finally, dinner.


Post-dinner stroll down Fremont (after the rain stopped)

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