Vegas April 2016: Friday, Friday

So, it is shortly after 2am PST so, technically it is Friday.  As such, I am recapping Thursday night and Friday early morning herein.

After dinner and the pouring rain, I decided to sit back down (and you’ll hear a tale) at the tables and attempt to move myself into the positive side of the blackjack spectrum.

What occurred next is beyond fathomable (ok, it is fathomable but highly unlikely) — sat down at a double deck game playing head’s up and experienced one of the worst blackjack beatings of all time—are you ready for this?

In the 2d shuffle, the dealer had 7, yes 7, blackjacks — it was like an out of body experience and, at the end of the shuffle, I got the hell out of there no longer even, but now down 1k

Switching tables proved of no help as, at the end of a 6d shoe, I was down another 1400.

In the course of 15 minutes I went from even and looking to get ahead, to down 2400 again.

I took a break to clear my head and came back ready for action.  The blackjack gods did not care one lick as the dealer (once again in a 2d game) proceeded to get 5 blackjacks over the course of the shuffle.  At the end thereof, I was down 3500.

I adjourned to another table and, amazingly, was able to recover a quick 1k by winning 3 doubles and getting dealt, finally, 2 blackjacks of my own.

I took another breather and, when I came back, joined a 2d game with a gentleman and two other ladies (one of which being the Asian lady I’ve played with a few times this trip) – after a few shuffles I was only down 1800 and, as the dealer began to shuffle, the gentleman hailing from the Windy City headed for the restroom – the 2d shuffle was completed while he was gone and the dealer asked if we wanted to play or wait – I stated we should wait and the two ladies wanted to play – as such, the game progressed – I should’ve stuck to my guns and waited for the guy to come back as I lost or pushed every hand, totaling another  1k down

I then switched tables and was actually able to get a nice run, getting the 1k back and once again, only down 2500

After taking a snack break, I headed back to play but the pit was player-free.  However, once I sat down, the Chicagoan appeared and we proceeded to tear shit up.  We couldn’t lose over two shuffles and I had regained 2300 of the 2500 I was then down.

At this point, the dealer started to shuffle and the pit boss told her she had to use new cards – both Mr. Chicago and I superstitiously pleaded for one more shuffle with the old cards but the pit boss unceremoniously ignored our request.  I took it as a sign to stop playing and headed to bed.

In the morning, I sat down with my promo chips (1200) and turned that into 1250 in real chips (was on a nice run then lost 7 hands in a row)

So, the trip is now +1050 as I move to PH – the room itself is subpar but look at this view:

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