Vegas April 2016: I was lost but…

Sorry for being Missing In Action but I’m hoping this update brings your eyes back to the blog.

For some reason, jet lag hits me hard even on a trip to Vegas.  My sleep patterns become sporadic and I get out of the blogging zone.

If you recall, on day 1 I shot out to an early lead, only to be followed by the death of variance — since then, I’ve been riding the blackjack roller coaster, but have been able to actually enjoy the ride rather than merely screaming my head off.

Wednesday started off great with a first hand blackjack…however, I would then lose or push the every hand for the rest of that 2d shuffle plus the next 2d shuffle – I was quickly down another 1200, bringing the trip to -5k

Rather than clear my head by taking a walk, I climbed right back up in the blackjack horse and proceeded to play

Magically, variance reappeared and I won the 1200 back in half of a 6d shoe

It was then I took a break for some breakfast and caffeine

Post-breakfast session:

Hand of the shoe honors went to two hands actually: two blackjacks in a row with 200 and 300 up respectively
Jet lag hit and I ended up taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoon followed by just relaxing.  I got ready and head back for more blackjack, only down 3800 at that point

Sat down to play with an Asian lady who I had played with and fought the good fight with over the past day and a half and we both battled hard (she was more of an instinct player and was inconsistent with her variations from basic strategy but I didn’t mind) – after about an hour of play we had both regained 1k each towards our respective losses

At that point I took a dinner break:

Amazing filet mignon cooked medium with a side of potatoes roasted in duck fat.  Despite my cholesterol now being 1million, I opted in for a dessert of vanilla ice cream wrapped inside toasted pecans – pure decadence.

Not wanting to sit down and lapse into a food coma, I wandered out onto Fremont Street:

then found my way to a lounge chair by the pool



before sitting back down to a nice 2d game wherein, over the course of 45 minutes, regained another 2400

By the end of the evening, I was only down 1400 for the trip and decided to celebrate:

Let’s see what the morning brings!

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