Vegas April 2016: Viva Las Vegas

Woke up at dawn to get ready to head to the airport – was a rainy morning in NY but, most schools are closed for Spring Break this week so traffic was light.

Relaxed at the airport until boarding time – something I’d say most of us have accomplished without much struggle but nope, apparently not everyone learned to put their bags in the overhead, sit down and then, if you need something from your bag, wait until the plane has fully boarded.  Rant over.

Got on board and watched the movie “Daddy’s Home” with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg – it had its moments but not a candidate for comedy of the century.

Checked into the hotel and my cousin, who routinely joins me in Vegas, arrived.

We headed over to Pizza Rock as I’ve heard nothing but good reviews.  I had the personal pizza with a side of meatballs  – good, not great.

On the way back, took in some local flavor:

Finally hit the blackjack tables for a post-dinner session:

2D, DAS, DOA, H17

lost the first 4 hands

then hit a blackjack

then, naturally, dealer blackjack

followed by another blackjack for me

was able to press and won the last 3 hands

Shuffle ended at +900

I then got a phone call from a client and had to take it, now relaxing and will resume play later on this evening


Ok took a break, splashed some water on my face and downed an energy drink

Sat down for a 6D shoe and played about halfway through

As usual, the roller coaster that is blackjack took me for a ride:

midway through the shoe I had lost back about 400 of the 900 I won earlier —

I had 200 up got 8,3 v dealer 6 —

I doubled and was dealt a 4 for a glamorous 15

the dealer flipped over a 7 for 13

drewa 2 for 15

then drew a 6 for 21

However, got the roller coaster back on track and it was a smooth ride to the end of the shoe, being able to press and win some key doubles, gaining back the 500 plus another 800

Trip is +1700

Took a Fremont break

That is the guy who plays “Cupid” on Fremont Street – approached him to let him know I liked his documentary – he gave me a business card and said there is another one about him here: as part of the “Surviving Las Vegas” series

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