AC April 2016: Back in the AC Groove

Arrived in AC and the wait for my room was well worth the wait.  At first, I court not find my room.  The reason–apparently there is an annex of rooms wherein I’ve never stayed. These rooms (or suite as the case may be) or modern and fresh – where have they been hiding this annex?

Bathroom 1 

Main area

Bathroom 2


Blackjack session #1

I was up $1500 first half of the shoe due to a great run of double downs then (cue dramatic music) a dealer change occurred and, in the second hand of the shoe I lost every hand but two, putting me down 200

I decided to change tables and began where I left off at the prior table, quickly losing another 1k by losing a split and two double downs

I quickly shifted to the next table and got back into the groove I had when I had started playing mere moment before

First hand was dealt 9,9 v dealer 6

Split and was dealt:

9, 5

9, K

dealer had 6, turned over a 5 then drew a 5 then drew a 6 (surprisingly) to bust!!!

by the end of the shoe I was +900

taking a break


Blackjack session #2

Started off with a blackjack and went downhill from there

Dealer had a 10 up on approximately 50% of the hands, an Ace up on approximately 15% of the hands and nothing less than  7 on the rest — as such, I pretty much busted most of my hands and, by the end of the shoe, had lost back the 900 I was up, plus another 1k

The second shoe began the same way, with a blackjack on my side of the table – both the dealer and I remarked that we hoped the rest of the shoe was different than the last one – which, thankfully, it was

In this second shoe of the session, the dealer actually had bust cards showing, allowing me to actually get into a groove and press my bets – by the time the dealer was tapped out for her break (which has become my new cue to cease playing), I had not only regained the 1k and the 900, but wrangled another 600 to the good

Trip is now +1500 and taking a dinner break


ok post-dinner blackjack session:
I should really just write “ditto” as it seems that I always lose my buy-in then get it back a few shoes later

nothing much to report other than only winning 5 hands in one shoe and then, a shoe later, getting it all back so the trip is still +1500


Sat back down for another session:

If I Told you I was dealt 4 splits and 3 doubles in the shoe, how would you guess they would turn out – well, don’t think too hard, here are the results:

8,8 v King

First 8 dealt a 6 then drew a 10 BUST

Second 8 dealt a 3 – doubled and drew a 7 for 18 – dealer turns over another King for 20

7,7 v 3

First 7 dealt a 10

Second 7 dealt a 10

dealer turns a 5 and draws a 10

A,A v dealer 5

first Ace dealt another Ace ughhhhh

second Ace dealt a 6 for 17

dealer turns an 8 then a 2 then a 4 for 19

6,6 v dealer 4

first 6 dealt a 3 – doubled and drew an 8 for 17

second 6 dealt a 5 – doubled and dealt a 7 for 18

dealer turns a Jack then draws a 7 for 21

after all this I was down to 100 out of the 1500 I was up

the next shoe began with a double down

9,2 v dealer 10 – I drew a 2 and dealer flipped over a 7

I have known this dealer for ears and he was equally as upset as I was

after a bit of a roller coaster, I caught a huge tun, winning 8 of 10 hands in the middle of the shoe and moderately pressing

this run afforded me not only the ability to have the 1500 back, but an additional 900

Trip is now +2400

Calling it a night:)

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