AC April 2016: Rainy Saturday

So, as usual I had trouble sleeping and then, when I did fall asleep, I slept until noon

I bought this new energy drink powder that came with a two sided scoop (regular and mini) – so I tried one mini scoop and DAMN!!!! I am bouncing off the walls

I figured I could burn some of that energy off playing blackjack, so I sat down for a spell

Blackjack session 1:

Got dealt a blackjack right off the bat followed by two double downs where in pushed 17 on both

it was then the dealer’s turn to play the “I’m going to beat your hand by 1 for a while”

halfway through the shoe I had given back half of what I had won yesterday then, almost as quickly, regained it

I thought that was a good spot to have a late breakfast, which is what I’m doing now

More blackjack to come


Blackjack session 2:

New tables were opening for the 2pm shift and I waited patiently through the washing of the cards and shuffle…

Immediate dealer blackjack

But then I was dealt 7,7 v dealer 2

first 7: dealt 3 doubled and dealt an Ace for 21

second 7: dealt 4 doubled and dealt a 10 for 21

dealer had 2, turned over a 9 then drew a 6 for 17


A few hands later I doubled 6,3 v dealer 6 – I drew a Queen for 19 and dealer turned over an Ace for 17

by the end of the shoe I was up another 700


as much as variance was in my favor for shoe #1, it fell out of my favor in shoe #2

doubled 8,3 v dealer 6 – drew a 9 for 20 – dealer flipped over a 5 – drew another 5 – then drew another 5 for 21

I pushed 3 blackjacks with a dealer 10 showing and basically had a lot of bad beats

the 700 from the first shoe was nowhere to be found, and neither was another 800 from my chip stack


Trying to maintain a positive outlook, shoe #3 began with a Surrender (10,6 v dealer King)

there was no run for either side of the table until about halfway through the shoe when I capitalized on a blackjack by letting it ride and getting another blackjack on the next hand…from there I won 2 double downs and was finally able to send some chips in

got the 800 back plus 500

Trip is +2500


That is where the trip ended – my immediate family arrived and I spent the rest of the evening in the arcade room, where they have 4 vintage ‘pinball’-type machines (Midget AlleyPitch and Bat baseballPokereno and a pinball machine) having fun with my nephew playing all the games and letting him beat me at air hockey.  The arcade was crowded and definitely +EV for the casino.


See you all next trip!


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