AC April 2016: Weekend Warrior

While a trip to AC would normally only take 3 hours, today, due to construction (which, apparently was being performed by a team of invisible men), it took about 5.

Upon arriving in AC I checked in and went up to my room.  In the hallway on the way thereto, I noticed a door to a room propped open.  As I passed by, I could tell that whoever had been in that room had neither respect for themselves not the housekeeping staff.  Zoom in on the photo below and try to make out what any of the objects are that make up the disaster – the woman attempting to clean it told me the bathroom in the room was far worse.  Ridiculous.

Blackjack session 1:

Sat down and variance smiled upon me immediately, won two doubles with 21 versus dealer 20s – amazing? Was dealt 2 blackjacks and was able to press it up.  By the time my phone rang with a call I was waiting for, I was halfway through the shoe and colored up 1500 to the good!!!

Time for some caffeine.


Blackjack session 2:
After recharging my batteries with a skinny vanilla latte, I set about to play some more blackjack…

From the get go, variance was on the casino’s side–the dealer began the shoe with a blackjack–then, on the second hand, I was dealt a blackjack but, the dealer quickly turned over an Ace of her own to escort the Queen of Hearts she had showing

I proceeded to lose the next 5 hands before I was dealt the following:

3,7 v dealer 2

I doubled and was dealt an Ace for 21

dealer had 2, turned over another 2, drew a 3, then another 3, then a 4, then an Ace, then another Ace and then, finally, a 5


by the end of the shoe, I had lost back the 1500 I was up

ok, deep breaths and a new shoe

This shoe was back and forth until the last 5 hands, which were all double downs, as follows:

8,3 v dealer 10 – I draw a 7 for 18 – dealer turns over a 9 for 19

7,2 v dealer 6 – I draw a 3 for 12 – dealer flips over an Ace for 17

5,4 v dealer 3 – I draw a 7 for 16 – dealer flips over a Jack then draws an 8 for 21

6,5 v dealer Queen – I draw an 8 for 19 – dealer flips over a 10 for 20

Ace,6 v dealer 4 – I draw a King for 17 – dealer flips over a 7 then draws a 10 for 21

At this point I felt TILT kicking in as I had not only lost back the 1500 I was up, but another 2k on top of that

Digging in, I remained positive and kept on keepin’ on…

In the new shoe, my first 3 of 4 hands were blackjacks, and I was actually pressing

midway through the shoe, I had regained the 2k back and was once again even for the trip

The doubles and splits finally started going my way, getting dealt a King and Jack on split Aces with 300 up

My stack reappeared almost as quickly as it disappeared and now, as I go on a quest for dinner, the trip is +1400


Blackjack session 3

post-dinner mini-session

Played about 15 hands and stumbled into +700

trip is +2100

here is a video break

Thus ends the day at the tables – more to come tomorrow – stay tuned and tell your friends:)

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