AC March 2016: Ugly Saturday

Sat down to play and was in a good mood, having just had an ice coffee from Starbucks

It was a bloodbath from the start

I played for 30 minutes and only won 10 hands in that time period–here are the lowlights:

(photos are screenshots of texts to my cousin-who also “enjoys” the game of blackjack)

So, the trip is now down 3100

Cannot believe variance can run this badly


Mid-afternoon mini-session

I just played a shoe

Started out great winning a double down and being dealt a blackjack

about midway through I was ahead 800 and had a 200 bet out — I was dealt a 6,5 v dealer 10 and took the card face down (how dramatic? lol)

The dealer turns over a Queen (naturally) and My fave down card was an 8

The dealer’s next two hands were blackjacks and I was once again even for the shoe

however, very deep into the shoe I had 200 up and was dealt a blackjack – I kept the 200 up and, on the last hand of the shoe, was dealt a 20 and, miraculously, the dealer only had a 17

the shoe ended +500
The trip is now only -2600

Keep those good luck photos coming!!!

Restaurant week and blackjack

Went to a steakhouse for AC restaurant week–for $35 got a Caesar salad, petite filet and slice of cheesecake (talk about feeling full!)

I meandered over to the tables and bought in – ready to keep going on my quest for even.

It felt like I traveled back in time to my first session of the day

Halfway through the shoe I had already lost so many hands the chip stack was down to 500

Throwing caution to the wind, I put the purple chip into the betting circle and hoped for the best.

By the end of the shoe, I had regained what I had lost earlier in the shoe plus another 500

As such, the trip now stands at -2k

Fingers crossed for more positive variance my way!!!


Back to the grind

A dealer I knew from the old Revel was dealing a Reserved game next to where I decided to sit down–as the dealer at my table shuffle the other dealer asked how things were going — I told her basically I lose the first 10-12 hands at every table I sit at — she thought I was exaggerating so I told her that I hope this next shoe made a liar out of me

The ass-whooping that followed was epic—I lost the first 14 of 15 hands, including 4 dealer blackjacks the 4 times I was dealt natural 20s

Tail between my legs, I got up to switch tables as my dealer friend gazed upon me sympathetically

It took 3 shoes, but I got back to only being down 1900 for the trip, then took a 10minute break to stretch my legs

I sat back down and gained a quick 500, only to see it disappear just as rapidly

After that shoe, I was only 1400 down for the trip – a dealer change occurred at the shuffle (my fav 🙄) and the 500 I gained was once again GONE after ⅔ of a shoe

However, the final ⅓ was fruitful and, after a couple of blackjacks for me, I had turned it around

The trip is now -1k

Taking a break – here’s a video of the RUSH LOUNGE

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