AC March 2016: AC Groovin’

Ahhh the beautiful Belt Park(ing lot)way — where every trips takes twice as long due to ongoing construction

Heading down south towards Atlantic City – thinking positive thoughts for a winning weekend and spending time with my parents

Hop on board – the train is a rollin’


After printing out my $25 match play coupon, I sat down to play at a 6D game…

hand 1: Bet 75+25match play — surrendered

hand 2: Bet 75+25match play — surrendered

hand 3: Bet 75+25match play — surrendered

hand 4: Bet 75+25match play — surrendered

so, aside from having to surrender four hands in a row, a controversy arose, as follows:
The last time I played at this particular casino, the rule for surrender on match play was as follows:

casino takes ½ of your chips and leaves the match play coupon alone

this time, they left the match play coupon alone but kept taking additional monies from my chips to compensate

I challenged them (dealer and pit boss) and, while they were initially confused, soon became steadfast in their position that they were correct

I changed tables and spoke to the floor supervisor about what had happened (he was not present at the time as he was floating) — he said he believed I was correct and called up to the shift boss

About 15 minutes later the shift boss came down and discussed it with me, informing me that I was indeed correct and they owed me some money so, basically, they made it right and gave me back $12.50 x 4 hands = $50

Nice and easy once someone with “juice” appeared on the scene — shift boss then walked over to pit boss and dealer and walked them through the process (excellent management skills)

so now, after those 4 hands I was -200


I know I should not play when I’m in a pissed-off mood but, I did

I lost the first 8 hands and then this happened:

2,2 v dealer 7

hand 1: 2,9 double and dealt a 6 for 17

hand 2: 2,8 double and dealt a 7 for 17

:drum roll:

dealer: 7…turns over…you guessed it, an ACE

pushed a few hands thereafter then actually won a hand before being dealt this:

Ace,5 v dealer 5

doubled and dealt a 4 for 20

dealer: 5…turns over a 9, draws a 2, draws a 5

losses piled up and, as it stands now, I am down 1800

taking a break to collect my thoughts and enjoy a 5-hour energy



Cell phone charger number gazillion

So, went back to the room and realized that, despite placing one of my many cell phone chargers by the front door this morning, I forgot it

Therefore, I proceeded to the casino gift shop which only had Android chargers lol

Got the car from valet and drive to Target (30 min. drive) to get yet another charger to add to my growing collection

We now have juice!!!


Pre-dinner blackjack session

The drive to Target cleared my head and I set out to, in the words of Teddy KGB, “play some cards

Not sure what I’ve done to piss of the blackjack gods in this or another life but, I lost the first 23 of 28 hands (winning 2, surrendering 2 and pushing 1)

The pit boss and I started counting the losses after I announced I had just lost 11 in a row

so, at the end of the shoe I was down for the day a total of 4300

Deep breaths, some stretching of my arms and I was ready for the next shoe…

I started in with a 💥BANG💥 putting up 400 and bring dealt a blackjack

I let the 400 up and pushed the next three hands before getting a split

6,6 v 3

hand 1: 6,4 doubled and dealt an 8

hand 2: 6,5 doubled and dealt a Queen

dealer: 3,8 then drew a 5 then a 7 BUST

The rest of the shoe was nice to me as well

As it now stands, the trip is -900




I went to the player’s lounge for dinner and basically paid (they take comp dollars) $10 for a salt lick (the chicken, roast beef and potatoes all tasted like the Dead Sea)

Post-dinner blackjack session

I was dealt a first hand blackjack and a second hand double down to charge out of the gate — and then, about midway through the shoe I was 200 from being even

I was dealt a double down which would have put me back to even, but, alas, it was not to be as I lost that double, then the next seven hands, ending the shoe down 1100

A dealer change coupled the shuffle and off I went to seek the long last land of even–once again I was dealt a blackjack to start the shoe

As the shoe went on, I started discussing various drinks with the pit boss and put playing on automatic pilot

By the time the shoe ended and I counted my chips, I was even–YES!!!

I colored in my chips and sought out some water to relieve the desperate thirst created by the player’s lounge dinner.

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