Vegas Feb. 2016: Up Up and Away

Finally, last evening, my luck turned around…

After being down between 1k and 3k for the past few days, I finally regained those long lost chips and turned the corner by getting back to EVEN

It then became dinner time and I ventured into CARBONE at Aria — the online reviews were among the best of any restaurant so I had high hopes — the meal began with amazing garlic bread and salami — I ordered the spicy vodka rigatoni pasta with a side of meatballs – DELICIOUS — with no room left for dessert, my waiter brought out an Italian cookie and glass of limoncello – what a meal!!!

All of that eating required some walking so I headed over to the High Roller for a nighttime ride as I’ve only ridden it in the daytime

I then attended the Marc Bavard hypnosis comedy show over at PH — it was great — moments of hilarity with stripper poles and Lord of the Dance type jigs lol

Headed back to home base and sat down in the high limit room for what I hoped would be a trip into positive territory

Things started off excellently, winning a double down on the first hand and a split on the second

By the end of the shoe I was ahead 1375

I took a little break when there was a dealer change and moved to a 2D game where, after one shuffle, I had gained another 225

At that point, I was exhausted and called it a night

Trip is +1600

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