Vegas Feb. 2016: The Nightcap

Resuming last night’s post:
I did indeed have an espresso and it got me nice and wired for the night — however, I probably would have been better off just going to sleep instead

Sat down at a two deck game and for the first 5 shuffles, basically stayed ±300

Then, the tidal wave hit me

Lost 12 hands in a row

Switched tables

Lost 8 in a row

At this point, I had lost the 1500 I was up plus another 500

The trip was now -2k

I took a 15 minute breather and headed to the high limit room for a change of pace

Mid-way through the shoe and I had gained back about 300

However, the dealer was about to have her run–over the next 9 hands I pushed 4 20s, pushed 1 21 and lost 4 19s.

I was now down 700

The dealer was not done with me yet as, by the end of the shoe, I was down 2k

I threw up a purple in disgust, ready to go to bed down 2500

Miraculously, I won and went down bed only down 1500



As my Twitter peeps already know, my day started out as follows:

Dealer’s first 7 hands: BJ, 21, BJ, 21, 21, 20, 21

I was now down 2200

However, three shuffles later, I made my move–I won 4 double downs and pressed my bets up, catching a nice run of winning 5 hands in a row

As the trip now stands, I am only -800

Time for sightseeing and lunch

See you all soon


Monday afternoon session

Sat down to play head’s up at a 2D game

Things got moving pretty fast and, by the end of the first shuffle, had won back half of the 800 I was still down

Onward and upward I stayed pretty much even through the next shuffle, still down 400

On the last hand of the next shuffle, I had 200 in the betting circle and was dealt a blackjack

On that note, I decided to take a break a get ready for dinner

Trip is now -100



After a delicious dinner at Javier’s, I sat back down to the tables and proceeded to quickly (one shuffle of 2D) win 600

the trip became +500

I got some coffee and proceeded back to the tables, where even Bernie Sanders’ socialism couldn’t have given me any money…

The first hand started out promising, I had a natural 20 — of course, that was no match for the dealer’s 4 card 21

the next hand was my favorite, 5,4 v dealer 6,which almost always results in a dealer 21, proceeded as follows:

me: 5,4 Ace

dealer: 6,5 10

The best I did the entire shuffle was press 3 hands

The +500 was now in the past – back to even

I changed to a 6D game where the guy next to me reversed his basic strategy, hitting 13 v 2 and 3 and not hitting 12 v 2 and 3

He would then COMPLAIN when he was dealt a blackjack — yup, actually complained because he wanted a double down instead!!!

By the end of the shoe I was down 1k

I switched tables and predicted I would lose the first 10 hands (as I became super-cynical (is that like a super-delegate?)) only to lose the first 8 rather than 10 (Miss Cleo I am not)

Midway through the shoe, after a blackjack, I let it ride (250) and was once again dealt a fan favorite, 6,3 v dealer 5

me: 6,3 10

dealer: 5,5,5,A,5

By the end of this shoe I was down 3k

A dealer change occurred and I actually won the first hand of the shoe AND the next two hands were doubles:

hand 1:

me: 5,5 10

dealer: 6,4 7
hand 2:

me: 7,4 A

dealer: K, 6 6
By the end of the shoe I had regained 2k

After a shuffle, I was dealt 2 blackjacks and took a break

The trip is now -800


Played through three shoes of 6d

Rode the roller coaster from being down 3k again to finally only being down 900

Supremely exhausted, going to bed

Have tomorrow and then the next day pre-flight to turn this into a positive trip

Sweet dreams

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