Vegas Feb. 2016: A Month of Sundays

I switched hotels today from downtown to the Strip…the first room they put me in had a television issue (had to put volume on maximum to even have a chance at hearing it) so I ended up switching rooms

Hunger overtook my desire to gamble so I got a nice stack of pancakes before venturing to the Bellagio to burn off some of those calories


Upon my return, I ventured on over to the tables

Once I began playing, things were steady — back and forth staying within a couple hundred of where I began

After a few shuffles of double deck I moved over to a shoe game and things got good–within the first 10 hands I was dealt 2 blackjacks and won 2 double downs

A nice, quick, positive session picking up 1k

The trip is now +1500

Going to relax a bit and then figure out where to go for dinner

I foresee an espresso sometime in my near future so I can play some serious blackjack this evening

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