Vegas Feb. 2016: Last night, today


Ok when I last wrote herein, the trip was +4K.  things got a bit crazy after that.

I sat down to play and actually won the first few hands — I set a 5k goal and thought I’d be here shortly.

It was not to be…now, I know other players’ actions at the table have no long term bearing on EV, but, in the short term, it can hurt like a bitch!

The first inkling, and I use that term loosely, that Mr. fist base was clueless was that he was dealt a 3,2 V dealer 9 — he hit and was dealt a 6 for an 11 — he waived it off — the dealer asked him three times if he wanted to stand, also informing him that he had an 11 and could not bust…he replied “I know how to play the game” and things moved on — for that hand, the dealer, poetically, made a 5 card 21

It was then that Mr. first base began alternating between one and two hands every hand — Being thoroughly annoyed, I switched tables.

At the next table, I ran into a dealer who was hotter than Barstow in August.  I won only 3 hands in a 6D shoe!

The 4K I was once up had dwindled to +1k.  I decided to yet again switch tables.

My first three hands at the new game were all double downs, and that merely meant I would lose three hands for the price of six.

By the end of the show, I had lost the entire 4K I was winning.

It was at this time that I felt a bit “tilty” – reaching into my original bankroll and throwing some good money after bad, quickly losing another 1k

At this point, my friend began texting me about dinner and partying — I told him the situation and he prognosticated that he would be flying solo for the evening.  I thought he was correct, but the blackjack gods began to smile upon me.

A new show began and I had 300 on the felt…I was dealt 7,7 v dealer 6

first 7 dealt a 4 and doubled for a 19

second 7 dealt a 2 and doubled for a 19

dealer 6, turns over a 5 (GULP!), draws another 5 then draws a Jack!

a YUUUUUGE swing

I was now back on the positive side of things at +200

over the next 10 minutes, I was dealt 4 blackjacks, 2 more winning splits and 2 winning double downs

by the time th shoe ended, I was once again 3k to the good

as it stands now, the trip is +3k and I am about to sit down at my table for the first round of the blackjack tournament

(update on the partying portion of the evening to follow)



At my table there was a player who decided he would talk non-stop the entire time, commenting on every single hand – ANNOYING!

the tournament structure was 20 hands with the top 2 chip count from each table advancing to the second round

I lost the first 8 hands, pushed a hand, won a hand, then lost the next 7 hands

To paraphrase Hobbes, my stay in the tournament was nasty, short and brutish


Sat down to a 2D game where there was only one other player – a few others joined the roller coaster along the way and, for about an hour, we all played at the full table

As the final hand of a shuffle ended, I announced that I was just running quickly to the restroom while the shuffle happened

I was gone less than one minute and, upon my return, the dealer had just dealt the first card of the shoe

I enquired of the table why they did not wait for me — nobody would answer not even look at me — the dealer sheepishly stated that “they wanted to keep the game going” — I looked to the Pit Boss who rolled his eyes sympathetically

I grabbed my chips, leaned over the table and said “Fuck all of you and hope you all lose every last cent!

I proceeded to another table and played a 6D shuffle
The trip is still +3k



played what amounted to half a shoe and caught a nice little run – nothing really to write home (or here) about, other than regaining another 1k

Trip is +4K

dinner break



I just lost 23 of 25 hands

Enough said for this portion of the trip report

Trip is +2100



It appears as if the blackjack demons that haunted me throughout 2015 have risen from the dead

Over the past hour of play, I lost EVERY SINGLE DOUBLE DOWN

I lost all that I was up

Trip is fucking even



Long story short, I played for about 4 hours this evening – including the above sessions that devolved into my going from +4K to even

However, some elaboration is necessary as I played through horrific shoes, along with others at the table, wherein the best runs for the players were pushing 3 hands in a row instead of losing

Nothing we did worked — at one point, the lady next to me, playing 2 hands, was dealt a blackjack on each one — mere seconds later, the dealers up card of a Queen turned into a blackjack of its own – that’s how these shoes went

Slowly but surely, over the course of the night, my table mates dropped like flies–all lamenting that they “should’ve left an hour ago” — I, too, felt the sting of the cards as I had lost another 1k beyond losing all my winnings back

It was not until moments ago, when I was the only one left at the table, that I was able to capitalize on a run

I got the 1k of the bankroll back plus another 500

So, as of right now, the once proud number of +4K has settled back down to +500

Sweet dreams.

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