Vegas Feb. 2016: Five Hundy by 10am


For the uninitiated, the title of today’s post is in reference to both the classic movie Swingers (which includes one of the most cringe-inducing scenes in cinematic history when Mikey attempts to call a girl who just gave him her number) — but, here is the “Five Hundy” scene:

and the great Las Vegas themed podcast Five Hundy By Midnight .
I woke up and did an in-room workout (get your minds out of the gutter) — basically did some body weight exercises: squats, crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks — those, in addition to dreaming I was in a gym performing bicep curls and actually waking up performing them in my sleep – yes, I have weird sleeping habits

after showering, I grabbed an apple and headed for the tables

Ran into a guy I played with yesterday and it seemed his luck had changed for the better – I awaited the next shuffle and joined his double deck game

Right off the bat, the dealer made a 21 and I proceeded to lose the next few hands

However, by the end of the shuffle I was back to even on my buy-in

The next shuffle proved profitable though as I won a double down on the first hand, won the next hand, rode the roller coaster for a few hands until finally winning another double down on the last hand

The total was +500

Trip is +1500

taking a break


Sat down at a double deck game – the other gentleman at the table warned me that the dealer was hot

The dealer immediately made a 21 on her first hand and, for three shuffles, the best we could do at the table was PUSH

after the next shuffle, I was the only one left at the table and the pit boss decided to change out the cards – it was at this point that a shift change occurred

With the new dealer came new luck–I won three double downs in the first shuffle and was dealt two blackjacks in the next one

By the time the dust cleared, I was up another 500

Trip is +2k

As I walked through the casino I watched scuba divers cleaning a fish tank


and then, I ventured out onto Fremont and there was, I kid you not, a “sign spinning” contest…hmmmmm ok




Ran into a friendly guy who I’ve played with a few times this trip and joined his game on a new shuffle

The cards broke like American Pharoah and I was quickly up.  With the help of winning a split/double (8,8 v dealer 7 — first 8 dealt a Q, second 8 dealt a 3, doubled and dealt a Q — dealer turned over a J — just like the book was written)

I only played two shuffles of double deck and took a break up another 1100
Trip is +3100



Played 1 shuffle of 2D

won 4 hands plus a double down for another 900

Trip is now +4K

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