Vegas Feb. 2016: Vegas Baby

Rise and shine it’s airport time

Cheers to a good flight and let’s kick some ass in Vegas



Sat down to a face down double deck game — immediately realized fortune was not in my favor
Through three suffles, the dealer had yet to bust
However, she averaged three hands of 21 per shuffle
Fifteen minutes in, I was already down 1300

The guy sitting at third base decided he would begin doubling all soft hands totaling 13-19 against EVERY dealer upcard — according to him, this would “change the cards”

Who knows if the cards change at all from whattheywould have been, but the strategy certainly did not help me…I was down another 700 and decided to move to a 6D game

The 6D shoe began nicely with two blackjacks in a row–then, over the next 20 or so hands, I was able to double down on 9 hands – albeit losing all 9 of them

At this point I was down 3200 and began to feel a little “tilty”

when the shuffle ended I decided to increase my minimum to 200–finally, a strategy worked in my favor as I quickly won 3 of 4 doubles, 2 splits and was able to press some bets – the highlight being:

300 bet

Dealt 7,3 v dealer 9

Doubled (dealer gave it to me face down)

Dealer turned over an Ace for 20

I crossed my fingers and hoped for a 10 just to get the push

Lo and behold – you guessed it, the Ace of spades baby!!!
I was once again even!



It was then I received a call from Visa asking me if I just charged over one thousand dollars of clothing at a store in Milan, IT

Nope, not me – and they were able to charge with just my card number as they obviously did not have my physical credit card

So now, that card is canceled an investigation is underway



The room


After playing in the “play til you lose a hand” promotion at the tournament registration (I lost the first hand lol), I had some dinner (grilled chicken risotto) and then sat down to play

I basically rode the roller coaster for about an hour, remaining plus or minus 500 from my buy-in

It was then I decided to take a break to see what was happening on Fremont




Upon returning to the casino, I joined a double deck game with only one other player and proceeded to go on a nice run

The only hand that stood out was the following:

Dealer: 6 up

Player 1: 7,4 doubled and drew a Queen

Me: 5,5 doubled and drew an Ace

Dealer 6, turns over a 2, draws a 3 then a 10


Trip is +1k

Sweet dreams everyone

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