AC Dec. 2015: Boxing Day Blackjack

Made a day trip with my dad down to AC – left him to his slot machines and I sauntered over to the blackjack tables…I was feeling good and then…the cards were shuffled

Lost the first 2 hands then scored a blackjack on the third — I thought things were looking up until I lost the next 6 hands in a row, followed by pushing 4 hands of 20, surrending 16 to 10 on 3 occasions until I finally won another hand – a 21 versus a dealer 20

I continued pushing and losing hands for the rest of the shoe save for one additional hand – yup, lost, surrendered or pushed every single hand except 3 in the entire shoe

I was down 1700 by this point

Shoe 2 delivered more of the same, only with my pushing a lot more hands and winning about 8 hands

I still lost and was now down 2200

Shoe 3 became promising after I won two double downs early on — I was finally able to press some bets out there and, lo and behold, by the end of the shoe, I had gotten back the 2200 plus another 100 — I am now celebrating this small victory with a Starbucks…corporate sponsorship? lol

Had a nice dinner of penne al forno and, after digesting, sat down for some more blackjack…when we last left off, I was up 100 but still very (VERY) much in the negative for 2015 so, at this point, any little win helps

I sat down and finally started with some good hands–being able to finally press my bets up and make a little run

By the halfway point of the shoe I had gained another 900, making it an even 1k for the trip

At this point, I am taking a break and, depending on how itchy my hands get, might play some more, but, perhaps not
Trip +1

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