AC Dec. 2015: Sunday Funday?

Well, this morning started out with a DUD! Dealer blackjack followed by three hands in a row as follows:
-7,4 v dealer 10 doubled and dealt a 4 — dealer 20

-2,2 v dealer 6 split and dealt a 10 and a 10 — dealer has a 5 underneath and draws an 8 for 19

-9,2 v dealer 9 doubled and dealt a 3 — dealer turns over an Ace for 20
the 1k I went to sleep with was gone after one shuffle of double deck
I regrouped and shifted over to 6D game

The first half of the shoe was more of the same and I was quickly down another 1k and feeling a “tilt” coming on

However, I took a few deep breaths and relaxed and waited for an opportunity—which came midway through the shoe—I was able to press and win some doubles and by the end of the shoe had not only regained the 1k I was down from the beginning of the shoe, but the 1k I had unceremoniously lost earlier this morning
I took a breakfast break and resumed play — nothing much to write home about other then getting a BJ on the first hand of a new 6D game and then, after a few surrendered hands, making a little run and picking up 500
as it stands, trip is now -11

more deep breaths…

moving onwards and upwards, I played a couple of mini-sessions and was able to pick up 500 in each one — this brings me to 2500 towards the comeback
(while getting the entire 12500 back would be amazing, I am shooting for 6 and then evaluate where I am when I get there as far as time left on the trip)

Trip is -10

After a Starbuck’s break I played another mini-session and came away with another 500

Trip is -9500


Began a new session and immediately lost 1k within ¼ of a shoe

switched tables

back and forth roller coaster then had the following:
9,2 v dealer 10 doubled and drew a 2 — dealer had a 6 underneath then drew an Ace
6,3 v dealer 5 doubled and got the Ace — dealer, naturally, has a 5 under and draws her own Ace
5,4 v dealer 6 doubled and got a 6 — dealer had a 2 underneath and drew a Jack
at this point I had lost another 1k and my 3k comeback was reduced to a 1k comeback – but, the cards changed and I got the 2k back with the help of actual winning doubles!!!
trip still -9500

all tables in high limit are now either 500min, 1kmin or Reserved (Reserved players playing from 5k/hand to 10k/hand three hands at a time)
I moseyed on out to the main floor and played a 50 game 2D

caught a nice run in one shuffle and gained another 500

A funny thing happened on one hand – I was dealt a 9,3 v dealer 3 and I hit and drew a 9 for 21 – the dealer proceeded to swipe my chips away – everyone at the table started hollaring (in a nice way-not being mean) and the dealer turned red in embarrassment – pit boss came over and I told him I actually meant to double – he told me the count didn’t dictate that deviation lol was a fun moment
Trip -9

dinner break
Post-dinner agita

Just played a long 3-hour session — hit and run stopped working as I ran into ridiculously negative variance – especially when it came to losing double downs — which were at a premium — having formerly retrieved 3500 of my losses, the first 2 hrs. 50 mins. of this most recent session saw that 3500 dwindle down to 500 – until, finally, I went in a tear, including being dealt 3 BJ’s and winning 4 double downs — I retrieved 3200 of the 3500 and the trip now stands at -9300

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