OK here is the latest since my last post:
On Thursday, I got halfway back from the 10 I was down–a friend from grade school who is now a Vegas local invited me out to explore the local scene and I politely declined, believing I was about to get all the back from the 10 — I should have went out instead of hitting the tables…
The anti-run I had was mind-blowing—I lost double down after double down…nothing better than a 17 on any of them

The dealers magically made 21 from the depths of 12 through 16 whereas I would bust 12 virtually automatically…
By the time the slaughter was over, the bankroll was gone, all 12500
I took yesterday off from playing at all (meaning I didn’t hit the ATM for funds) and actually took my friend up on his offer to explore – however, the exploration did not take us too far — as we went to HYDE at Bellagio where my friend was [thisclose] to being assaulted by an 80-pound Filipina lesbian for apparently dancing too close to a group of females she apparently had laid claim too — security had to escort her out as she threw some wild punches and lunged at my friend!!!
I did not arise until about 2pmPST today and made the decision to give it one last shot at the tables and, should I not have a modicum of success, take a 6 month break from the gaming tables
So, I sat down and within a shoe had regained 450

Had a snack and then resumed play, only to see the 450 go down the tubes as the dealers once again made 21 their mantra

Took a deep breath and started again, this time gaining 675 back–only to see the dealers swipe it all away again on 999 split with a double on two of them losing to another dealer 21

Took a shower and began play yet again, finally making some headway with the final hand of a 2D game yielding the following hand:
333 split against 2 – on first 3 got a 6 then a 7 for 16 — on second 3 got an 8 and doubled for an 18 — on third 3 got a 6 and 8 for 17 — dealer has 2, turns over a 9 then draws a 4 then an 8 for a bust!
that 2D shuffle yielded 1100
dinner break
Trip is -11400

OK this evening resumed after dinner and I went from gaining back 1100 (as detailed in my earlier post) to losing the 1100 back plus another 1k as the following happened:
-on 5 straight 6D shoes, the dealer opened with a BJ

-each time a player entered mid-shoe (without the courtesy to ask) — I would lose at least the next 5 hands

-each time I raised my bet, the dealer would get a BJ

(the above was played $50minimum)
sure, these are all explainable on the bell curve but, in the moment, they seem freaky
I took a brief respite from this and resumed play after a Starbucks iced skinny vanilla latte
I then switched to a 2D 100 game which was much kinder to me

Not only did I get the 1k back I had lost , I got back 1k of the 1100 I had regained today

so, as of bedtime, I have regained 1k of the 12500
trip is -11500

Sweet dreams…

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