AC Dec. 2015: Blackjack on a Thursday

so, no tournament this morning so I focused my attention towards making a comeback
The first shuffle of 2D was a disaster – I started with a BJ then the dealer retaliated with two in a row for himself, followed by my losing two double downs — lost about 500 that shoe and the trip was back to being -6525
Shuffle number two was quite kind to me as I was dealt three blackjacks and won a split

3,3 v dealer 7

first 3 dealt a 6 then a 9 for 18

second 3 dealt a 10 then a 5 for 18

dealer did what he was supposed to do and turned over a 10 for 17

The 500 was back in my chip pile and the trip was once again -6025
I took a little break for some fresh OJ and, feeling the vitamins surge through my body, resumed play
I sat at a 6D game that had a few hands left in it — the dealer asked if I’d like a fresh shuffle and I told her “no need” – she greeted me by dealing herself a BJ, followed by a 20 beating my 19…however, she then dealt me a BJ and I won the final hand — won 50
Waited for the shuffle and resumed play — first hand was my “favorite” 6,3 v dealer 3 — doubled and got an Ace for 20 — dealer turned over a 7 then a 9 — wow I won a double down on a 9 — unprecedented lol
A few hands later I had increased my stack, gaining another 825
trip now stands at -5150 (yes 5150 is the police code for an involuntary psychiatric hold by the police in CA lol)


Well, once again I am wishing I was only down 5150…sat down after a quick lunch earlier being down 5150 for the trip

The -5150 quickly ballooned though as I routinely lost 4 or 5 hands in a row—winning only about 10% of my doubles and splits – and basically, having to play against a dealer 10 up card for about 2 hours straight
After those 2 hours I was once again down 10k

After another hour I regained 1500 of it so the trip now stands at -8500

I know I need to eat but I have lost my appetite…to be continued

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