Vegas Dec. 2015: BJ Tournament Day 1

It’s almost time for Day 1: Round 1 of the blackjack tournament – fingers crossed

sat down to play some blackjack and this happened FML
playing now first 4 hands of the shoe:

6,5 v dealer 6 double get 8 for 19–dealer has 6 5 queen
8,8 v dealer 10 double get another 8

get 18 on each hand dealer of fours has 20
7,4 v dealer 8 double get 7 for 18 dealer turns over an Ace
3,3 v dealer 7 split first 3 get 8 double get a 9 for 20

second 3 get 7 double get Queen for 20

dealer has 7 turns over a 4 gets a 5 for 16 then another 5 for 21
down 2k
dealer change and more of the same…

basically, without going into the gory details, the dealer made 8 blackjacks, 6 blackjacks and 8 blackjacks on three consecutive shoes

ended the morning down 5k and headed to the BJ tournament

BJ tournament:

6 people per table

15 hands

1000 in chips per player

The cards and luck were in my favor and after 13 hands I was the chip leader by about 500

the lady next to me was in second place and I stayed level with her on her bet for hand 14 and went into the 15th and final hand of Round 1 with a 500 chip lead

nobody else but the lady next to me was close enough to catch me

the button was on my seat so I bet first–I only put up 100 — looking to get a small win and hope the dealer just beat everyone – but, at this point, I was anxious to see what the lady to my right bet

it came around to her and she bet 700

if I lost and she won, she would overtake me

the cards were dealt and I was dealt a BLACKJACK!!! I now had a 750 chip lead

the lady next to me was dealt a 14

the dealer had a 10 showing

when it came to the lady, she threw up a 100 chip to double her 14 — excellent strategy as that would be the only way she would win the table — it turned out to be a stroke of genius actually as she was dealt a 6 for a 20

I anxiously hoped the dealer had a 10 underneath for a push–alas, it was not to be as the dealer had a 6 under and, as hard as I rooted for a 4 or 5, it was not to be – the dealer drew a 3 for 19 and, on the last hand of the first round I lost by 50

oh boy – back to the real money until tomorrow BJ tournament

Wish me luck…please.

headed down south on the strip to see if my luck would change (FAT CHANCE apparently)


-started playing had 200 up dealt 88 v dealer 5 split get another 8

first 8 dealt 2 double for 17

second 8 dealt 3 double for 19

third 8 get a 10

dealer has 5 then 4 then 10 for 19
-had split with double on each dealer has 16 pulls an Ace for 17 and I lose on both
-lost every double in three shuffles of double deck

At this point I was down 10k

I took a 10 minute break and some deep breaths and went back with a positive attitude, gaining back 1500 in the process
trip now -8500

please wish me luck


OK sat down and played about 6 hands and got another 500 back
so, although still down 8k, things seem to be looking up

I had Panda Express then played two shoes of double deck – won 300 but stopped due to stomach issues (could it be the Panda Express?)

trip -7700

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