Vegas Dec. 2015: Vegas!


Arrived around lunchtime today, anxious to set foot on the Strip and play in a blackjack tournament this week…

As a warm-up, I watched my cousin go from -2400 all the way back to even Steven – a great comeback for him

I then had some free play chips and tossed them onto the roulette table where, out of the 100 in promo chips, I won 75 real dollars

Had some Grimaldis pizza for dinner (YUM!!!) and then decided to play some blackjack

I started out great–up about 500 in the first half of the shoe

However, I then had 200 and was dealt an Ace, 5 versus a dealer 6 and doubled

I was dealt a 4 for a 20 Holy Cow!

The dealer turned over a 5 then a Queen for a much holier cow than I had

from that point on I suffered from vertigo as the rate at which this particular dealer was swiping my chips was dizzying (she had zero personality and it seemed as if she was happy I was losing)

I even saw her smile when I split Aces and was dealt a King on both, only to have her make 21 herself for a push — by the end of her rotation at the table, I was 3k to the bad

enter a livelier dealer and a mini-comeback…

in one shoe, I actually won 3 doubles and made 1800 back

so, at this point, the trip is (including the 75 at roulette) down 1125

positive vibes please

Ok went back and played with the same dealer that I thought was rooting against me and, I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was closer to the end of her shift or what but she was now Miss Personality and the positivity helped my confidence

I played two shoes and started tearing apart the double downs — putting me in the position I am now

+175 for the trip
jet lag is kicking my ass so I am going to have a snack, relax and go to bed:)
sweet dreams

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