AC Nov. 2015: Black Friday in AC

good morning/afternoon everyone
Sat down and asked for a game with Surrender – was told I could have it until the player who left a lammer at the table came back – I thought that strange since there would be a new shuffle and it was not a reserved game and they had no idea (according to the floor person) if or when the guy would even be back – oh well
Started off up and down, exchanging wins and losses with the dealer, including a few blackjacks

by the midway point of the shoe, I was actually ahead and, upon winning a double down

6,5 v dealer 6

I drew a 10 dealer turned over a King then busted with a 6, I had regained another 350
so now, the trip is -1650

Took a mid-afternoon nap and made my way back to the blackjack tables…I should’ve stayed asleep

It seemed as if the dealer had a Face or Ace up 90% of the hands – how is that possible?!?

Within one hour, I was down to my last 900 for the trip so I decide to go big or go home and threw up a 400 bet — here is how it went down:
I had  6,5 versus the dealer’s 5

I doubled and was dealt an 8 for 19

The dealer turned over an 8 for 13 followed by an Ace, then another Ace, then another Ace for 16 and, to put the nail in the proverbial coffin, a 5 for 21 — a 1600 swing — I could’ve been on my way back to even Steven had I won that – of course, I smashed my fist onto the table and the dealer laughed – listen, now is not the time for laughter!!!

I switched tables, basically resigning myself to losing the final 200 I had for the trip and going home early — apparently, the blackjack gods did not want me to leave just yet as, within one shoe, I took the 200 back up to 3k

as it stands now, the trip, rather than being over, is -2100

dinner break time

After a nice dinner of penne a la vodka with chicken, I stretched my legs, digested and headed back to the tables

the first after dinner session commenced with a friendly dealer who kept insisting that blackjack was “easy” lol

well, she wasn’t far off — in half a shoe I was able to get 800 back towards my quest for even and beyond

I was now only 1300 to the negative

To celebrate, I indulged in some dulce de leche gelato and headed back to the tables

I commenced a new shuffle and began to play — it was quick and painless, winning the first 7 hands in a row and collecting another 1k back towards even

so, as it stands, I am now -300 for this trip

I am thinking positively and raring to go

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