AC Nov. 2015: Thanksgiving in AC

So turkey day this year will be celebrated in Atlantic City – dinner, drinks and blackjack!

Let’s get this trip started…

BJ session #1:

Sat down at a freshly opened table with cards just out of the laundry
trying to get some more action out when the going is good

rode the roller coaster for ¾ of a shoe then got an

Ace Ace v dealer 2


Ace 2

Ace 4

dealer 2 K Q for a bust

a few moments later the shoe ended and I was +600

BJ session #2:
This was basically a mini-session–I only played ¼ of a shoe before my phone rang (family coordinating tonight’s Tahnksgiving dinner with me) but oh what a ¼ shoe it turned out to be — I was able to get some bets pressed out there as tons of low cards came out immediately — no specific hands to write home about but, by the time the phone rang, I was ahead another 1k

trip is now +1600
—dinner break—
Session #3

Ahhh if only the third time was a charm…

Started out a 6D shoe playing head’s up

Shoe 1: dealer had 5 natural blackjacks

Shoe 2: dealer had 4 natural blackjacks (I had a lowly 1)

Shoe 3: dealer had 6 natural blackjacks (I am starting to take this personally)

At this point, I had lost back the 1600 I was winning plus another 2k

I switched tables just to stretch my legs and get a new perspective

Shoe 4: I had a chance at 3 double downs in this shoe and 3 splits, which went as follows;

DD1: 5,5 v dealer 9–Drew an 8 for 18–dealer turns over a Queen for 19

DD2: 7,4 v dealer 10–Drew an 8 for 19–dealer turns over an Ace (apparently she read the display wrong when checking – so They only took 1 of my chips)

DD3: 6,3 v dealer 6–Drew an Ace for 20–dealer turn over an Ace for 17 and I win!

Split1: Ace, Ace v dealer 2–draw a 2 on first Ace and a 4 on second Ace–dealer turns over a 10 then draws a 9 (just to rub it in lol)

Split2: 2,2 v dealer 3–draw a 5 then a Jack on first hand then draw a 10 and a 6 on second hand–dealer turns over an 8 and BAM a 10 for 21

Split3: 8,8 v dealer 8–draw an Ace on the first hand and a King on the second hand–dealer turns over an Ace
it was a roller coaster ride from hell but, as it stands at the moment, I am -1100 overall for the trip…stay tuned

Played more and got wrecked – tons of low card coming out and when I sent it in all the highs went to the dealer

out of my 5k buy-in for the day I was down to my last 300

A new shuffle began and I was finally able to begin kicking some a$$

got a very nice run and by the end of the shoe had gotten back to 3k

I’m exhausted and going to have a snack,watch some tv and go to bed and hope to turn the mountain of losses back into a molehill and finally into 6 feet under for the losses, creating a new mountain of wins!!!

Trip is -2k

sweet dreams

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