Retro Report #52 Nov. 2015

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet the SUN-shine in!

just checking in 🙂 play to follow


I just played a micro-session

played 8 hands, won 3 of 4 doubles and ended up +1k



just lost the 1k back plus the 3k from last week in 1 shoe
lost 8 double downs
dealer beat me with 17 on half of them
lost 4 hands of 20 along the way as well
this was a head’s up game
Trip is -3k

About to have something to eat then plan on going on T💥I💥L💥T lol

still way down been playing a couple of hours now at least
can’t seem to get a “run” going
lost the 3 from last week plus 1400
Trip -4400

trying to regroup and get this done
played a little bit more got another 400 back so down 4 for this trip

calling it a night — too tired to play
tomorrow I am having lunch with a friend I’ve known since Kindergarten and then dinner with the family members from CT


Well, couldn’t sleep last night as the heat did not work in my room – slept about 3 hours

came down and played two shoes
in the first shoe I had 3 blackjacks to the dealers 8
second shoe got much better and I picked up 500
trip is -3500

and then saw this
six 27s in a row


Headed back to the room to relax a bit and  had to call housekeeping and ask them that they please not spray whatever air freshener/carpet freshener they use – it is overwhelming and burning up my nostrils


just played half a shoe and got 500
trip is -3



just got nailed for 1500 losing 5 doubles ughhhh
Trip -4500

Also, had a guy at table tell me he would teach me basic strategy after he didn’t like a play I made lol

The roller coaster continues
sat down earlier down 5500 for the weekend
slowly made the climb to only being down 4500 for the weekend before the “I’m the dealer and therefore I get all the blackjacks and youuuuuuuuu don’t neener neener neener” phase started – within a couple of shoes I was down 6k

took a dinner break and upon my return, satiated and ready for battle, I was able to grab 2k back to the good and now stand 4K down for the trip (1k if I don’t count the 3k I won last weekend lol)

dealer just got 8 21s in 9 hands WTF?!?

she started the next shoe with 2 BJ in a row then another guy sat down but no mid-shoe and from that point forward, now down 5500, got back a quick 1500
Trip -4

What’s a trip report without some controversy?

Cut card was first card out of shoe on a hand
Dealer kept dealing playing it out
whole table lost of course and we asked why there was no shuffle
Floor supervisor said the “cut card” is merely a guide to let the dealer know they should shuffle soon
So we asked how much latitude a dealer had and she replied – well it is a guide that they have to shuffle – she was not “getting it”

roller coaster was down to my last 100 and got 2600 back taking a break

enjoyed some Ben&Jerry’s and headed back to the pit – had to wait for a Reserved table to open up (meaning for them to make a previously Reserved table available to the gaming public)

had a nice run straight out of the gate and picked up another 900
Trip is -3500 (-500 between last week and this week)

-19 YTD

I didn’t play anymore but watch a woman at a reserved game play 20k/hand for 3 hands at a time ride the BJ roller coaster

My host gave me a shopping certificate so basically between last weekend and this weekend (including shopping) broke even

Overheard:  a host tell a limo driver he told his player the “jet is “temporarily grounded” bc he is up a bunch and wants him to keep playing

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