Retro Report #51 Nov. 2015

As previously stated, there was a period from June 2015 until November 2015 wherein I did not record my trip reports for posterity — I thought that, perhaps (superstitiously), not writing trip reports down might cause me to win — that did not occur and 2015 continued to be a disaster. As such, after 5 months of not writing trip reports down, I once again began writing them.

I suppose I should give a status on my YTD

2014 ended Even and now, in 2015: The first 6 ½ months of the year were brutal at the tables (and off – my dog became injured and sick and had to put him down — it was the hardest thing I ever had to go through RIP my friend)
up until mid-July I was down 29600
then towards the end of July and into September I made a little bit of a recovery gaining about 7700 back

then I ended up having surgery for a torn bicep tendon which put me out of commission in a sling for a good month

once the sling came off I was back in action at the tables gaining another 3080 back before this weekend

Before this trip, I had gained back 10780 of the 29600 I was down for 2015, leaving me at -17820 for the year

the goal is to be even by year’s end 🙂


Just checked in
dealer shuffled – then immediate dealer change so they burned 2 cards
there is a new side bet in addition to match the dealer
it is a progressive and you make a hand with the dealer hand based on dealer’s 2 cards and your first 2 cards and can win up to a progressive of $400k
of course, I did not play the side bets

Played about 10 hands
lost the first 4 hands
doubled 5 5 v dealer 5 dealt a 2 for 12
dealer has 5 turns 6 deals 5 deals Q

then won a couple in a row and I had to take a phone call
Trip is +500

I sit down to play and a guy comes in at last second to start shoe buys in for 400 bets 150 a hand and gets wiped out in 3 hands – why bother?

then I had a double down 8 3 v dealer 2
I pull a K
dealer has 2 6 4 3 6 to push 21
two hands later I get 7 4 v dealer J
I get an Ace for 12
dealer turns a 5 then deals a 7 for 22
went on a nice run after that
Trip is +1400

some guy comes up to me and whispers “do you mind if I ask you a question?” – I said “go ahead” – he says his car broke down in the garage and he can’t get it running so could I spare $2 so he can get home
Now–there is no way Über, taxi or bus is taking him anywhere for $2
I should have told him he needs to either (a) change his story or (b) up his ask
I politely told him I would not give him the $2 and he went on his way
Sat down for a mini-session

what was funny was I had 2chips up and dealt a 6 5 v dealer 4
doubled and dealt a 3 for 14
dealer has 4 turns over a 9 then busts with a 10
however, at the same time the pit boss let’s out an exasperated sigh so I look over and he quickly says “no no not commenting on your hand – was sighing because of a story (another floor person was telling him)” – he relayed the story and I could tell why he sighed lol
it was perfect timing though
Trip is +2200

spent the last couple of hours playing and within the first three shoes, the dealer had 15 blackjack and made 8 hands of 21

the lowlights, other than the previously mentioned BJs and 21s were 4 4 4 split out v dealer 6 where my best hand was a 15 and the dealer won with 17 — then 6 6 6 split out v dealer 6 with my best hand being 17 and the dealer won with an 18
at this point I lost the 2200 I was up plus another 2800

however, I took a five minute break and switched tables and steadily climbed out of the hole – getting back the 2800 from my bankroll plus another 1k
Trip is +1k

Time for a snack then bed – sweet dreams


Just met Señor George Lopez:



this afternoon I played a couple of shoes

started out on a roller coaster then dealt 888
so once again had three hands split out v a dealer K
first 8 dealt a 3 and doubled for a 17
second 8 dealt a 10 for 18
third 8 dealt a 7 then hit and busted
dealer turned over another K for 20

however, the second and third shoes were kindler and gentler, netting me another 1100
Trip ended +3k

YTD is -15820




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