Retro Report #50 Memorial Day 2015

First hand of the weekend (sorry for the blurry pic but they frown on taking photos of the blackjack table)


Went up a quick 1k
The next shoe it went right back in ten hands
Dealer made 20 on first nine hands followed by a blackjack
Switched tables and got it back
Trip is +1

Just lost 15 of 20 hands to start shoe
Trip -1k

I asked for a shuffle and lost first 7 hands
There is no way variance should be this horrific for me over the past 5 weeks

Just lost EVERY hand but 2 wins and 3 pushes in a shoe
Trip -4
It’s getting to the point of retiring from casino life

Won 3 hands in a row – dealer change they burn an Ace I got up and walked away – every time they change dealers they burn an ace on me

Just got 2k back in ½ shoe
Trip is -2

Dinner break

Just lost 1k back – lost 5 doubles in the first 10 hands

Guy just buys in at a 100minimum table with five $20s says he will let it ride “BIG TIME” — naturally, he lost the first hand and was gone

I hate pushing on natural BJ when dealer has ten value upcard
Got 500 so now down only 1500

Picked up another 200 after losing back 1k
Trip -1300

Trying to gain some momentum
Had a few roller coaster shoes with a dealer I never played with but at least he was personable and talkative – very much rooting for me (a few dealers today didn’t even say hello until I said it to them)
Got another 300
Trip -1

I am grabbing some pizza and heading to the room to watch tv, relax and go to sleep
It’s a 3-day weekend so trying to pace myself

After a good start, followed by a horrendous middle, the closing sessions were good…building positivity for tomorrow to finally get out of this variance rut and actually start using the + sign on these trip reports again!!!!!

Just lost every single hand save for 4 pushes in half a shoe – down 3k

Asked for a shuffle lost all hands but 5 pushes in ½ shoe again

I’m done
The game of blackjack has scrubbed itself of any luster it once had — variance does not exist as it nice did – it is loss upon loss upon loss upon loss – dealers make 21 at will

Dealer just made 20 on 15 of 21 hands

Ok so decided I would do another 5 and if that is lost, I will retire from the game of BJ other than Vegas next month for the $100k BJ tournament I was invited too

Sat down and played back and forth for a shoe then lost 10
Hands in a row
Switched tables lost 7 of 9
Won the first 6
Then lost

Trip is -6.5 with 2.5 available to play–if that goes, I will retire except for the big BJ turn

I am going to see what happens after dinner and, as previously stated, going to attempt retirement if I cannot get some of this week’s losses back. It is becoming a chore rather than something that used to be fun for me

I think back to my mom being a smoker up until about 5 years ago and all the money she spent on cigarettes during my lifetime and I wonder if I’ve reached that level of expense with my vice yet…? I guess those numbers would have to be adjusted to today’s dollars but, in my lifetime, from 1972 onwards, she smoked a pack a day for 35 years or so…if I was good at match I could figure it out in today’s dollars lol anyone?

Playing one shoe at a time – picked up another 500
Trip -5.5

Sat down won the first 4 hands followed by 6 losses , a push , 5 losses, a win, a push , 7 losses


Got a nice run and got it back
People at the table got mad I left mid shoe (dealer pulled a blackjack the first hand after I left so they all gave me dirty looks)
Trip once again -5.5

Played a ¼ shoe and picked up 500
Thinking positively
Trip -5

Sat down – played about 10 hands and came away with another 500
Trip -4.5

Faux pas of the night:

I wished an older guy wearing a U.S. NAVY hat a happy memorial data and thanked him for his service
He was with a woman that looked about half his age and he told me he didn’t re-up for Vietnam as his wife just had their first child – so I turned to the woman and said “you must be that child” – the guy laughed and said “no, that’s my granddaughter” so I then remarked to her that “she should be proud of her grandfather” – she laughed and then he said “that may be somebody’s granddaughter but she’s not mine”

YIKES! Don’t know what got lost in translation but I eventually read it loud and clear lol

Got a quick 400
Trip -4.1

Just lost or pushed the first 14 hands of a new shoe!!!!!
Trip -5.5 again

Ran into some bad cards and am now going to bed -7 after being at -4 along the way

I was playing slow and steady grinding it out and then WHAMO hit in the face with a frying pan – it just doesn’t seem like the same game I started playing 6 years ago – something has changed – yeah there were weeks of losing but never like this – never where the dealer routinely makes 21 or pulls 6 Blackjacks in a shoe repeatedly – it’s not only me – others I have known for a long time tell me it feels different to them as well – I know mathematically it is the same but it definitely “feels” different – cannot explain it any other way


Ok have 350 match play – used 250 of it so far
Got a nice little run of +650
Trip -6350

Just won 6 of 8
Got another 850
Trip -5.5

Just lost first 5 hands in shoe then won next 6 of course scared money
Left with another 100 lol


I sat down at a table – there was a SURRENDER sign on the table – some guy sitting there says – there is no surrender anymore – I ask PB – he says that’s true even though the sign is there – I tell PB that DGE might have something to say about that – schmuck at table chimes in saying “Surrender is for suckers” – I walked away

Played about half a shoe and picked up another 500 after the “surrender is for suckers” incident
Trip -4.9

Played a half a shoe – lost the first 6 then win 5 then roller coastered through to the end and picked up 600
Trip -4.4

Sat down and was ahead a few chips for the session then got a 99 v dealer 8
I split and the dealer told me the book says to stay – I told her I was splitting and she looked annoyed that I didn’t listen to her
Lost the hand anyway

Then got on a serious backslide losing 2k back
Then getting 1k back
Trip once again -6

Got a quick 500
Trip -5.5

Played another shoe – dealer admonished me that I was “playing scared” – I invited her to put up extra chips of her own – she said she does not play blackjack lol

Just picked up another 500
Trip -4.6

Had dinner and made a nice run
Trip -3.9

That ended the weekend for me – I figured I would avoid the roller coaster and attempt to actually enjoy a Memorial Day for a change. After this, I stopped blogging for a few months as I thought that, perhaps, I should pay more attention to living life than writing about it – but, that did not last long as I started back up again.

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