Retro Report #49 May 2015 BJ Tourn.

About to head to AC
BJ tournament this evening

Stopping off to pick up my dad and my nephew is here at my parent’s house. He is screaming about wanting Mac and cheese even though he said he wanted pizza (of course, once the pizza arrived he decided he didn’t want it anymore). My mom put the water on to boil for the Mac and cheese and my nephew began screaming that he wanted the milk from the counter – so, of course, every wish is granted to him so they gave him the milk container—then he started screaming he wanted to eat already—he was informed the water had to boil–he didn’t like that and stomped his feet that he wanted it NOW

I interjected, stating that giving into his every desire will only spoil him
I was then SCREAMED at to mind my own business, that my nephew is not my concern and that I am becoming a “curmudgeon”


OMG my dad just tried to hit another car on purpose driving my Hummer Because the guy went through a stop sign in a parking lot
I exclaimed “What are you doing?” — he then replied “it’s all under control”

I have now taken over the driving duties


Just checked in – ready to go

Free beach towel:


6 tables open in high limit — 3 are “reserved” — 1 is $50 and 2 are $100 but crowded
They are slated to open the rest of the tables in “a few minutes”


So I just got some good scoop

The BJ tournament 1st prize tonight is $10k + entry into the double secret $100k BJ tournament tomorrow night!!! This just got intredasting!

I wonder what the system in place is to prevent people in the second grouping from finding out the minimum they have to beat to beat out all the first grouping scores?


Controversy at tournament of course:

The written rule says last hand there is no max — pit boss announced that ALL HANDS have a max bet of 10k so we abided by MANAGEMENT’s admonition – so everyone was doing splits and doubles the entire time because the pit boss stated ALL HANDS were capped at a 10k maximum bet – then the last hand the pit boss said you can bet any amount you have – this changed everything – I had 60k and went all in lost with 17 to dealer 18–but, might have been a very different strategy along the way had the PB not changed the rules then changed them back


back to the real world of non-tournament blackjack

Only won 5 hands in a shoe then Switched tables dealers first 6 hands were natural 20 and 7th hand was a blackjack
Down 2500 in a matter of 10 minutes

Switched tables lost first 10 of 12 hands dealer had 6 Blackjacks
He just made two more hands of 21
Trip is -4k in mere minutes

Got 2k back in a shoe
Trip is -2

Got another quick 1k back
Trip is -1

Dealer just made 3 21s in a row against 3 doubles I had

Split 333 v dealer 7
Wound up with 3476
Dealer 786


-3 again after being 1 hand from even basically lost all doubles since then

Cannot win two hands in a row
-4600 (from being one hand away from Even)

So I put up 500 and got a 6,5 v dealer 7 – F’ng waitress come up while I had 500 double down (my last 500) and says – “Oh you’re gonna win this this dealer is giving money away” – I’m dealt a 9 for 20 —
dealer has 7 turns over a 4 and of course then draws a Jack for 21
Trip is -5k

I was F’ng one hand away and lost it all back in a matter of minutes
Security talked to me once again for causing a scene in the high limit pit when I yelled out some choice words

Just got a quick 1k back
Trip -4

Played a shoe got another 550
Trip -3450

Ok doing some hit and runs

Played half a shoe picked up 450
Trip is -3

Dealer just made 21 eight out of 12 hands
Lost 1k
Trip -4

Lost another 500 then on the comeback trail has 300up got an A7 v dealer 6 doubled drew a 10 for 18
Dealer has 6 turns over 2 then draws an Ace
That would’ve gotten me back to the buyin of 2k at the table instead i lost
Trip -4600

Switched tables got 900 back
Trip -3700

Quick win and positive variance

Trip is -2950

Tried to score an invite to the 100k BJ tourn tonight but quickly denied

Time out for a liquor “shopping spree” (invitational event)


Just lost 2k in 14 hands had 8 doubles lost them all

I sit down to play and this Asian guy betting 100 a hand asks for a reserved game and they give it to him so I have to move
6 of the 7 games in high limit are now RESERVED
I didn’t realize $100 was all you needed to get a reserved game
Had 150 up split 88 v 5
First 8 dealt a 3 drew a 10
Second 8 dealt a 2 drew 7 for 17
Dealer has 5 6 4 6
Amazing – would’ve gotten me back to the -3k point

Had 250 up dealt AA v. dealer 9
Get 77
Dealer turns over a Queen for 19

Just lost 6 doubles with 200 up on each one
Lost 9
I am taking a break from blackjack until the tournament in Vegas
I’m down 23 for the year

How the F can variance ALWAYS be against me — it seems I have not been on any type of winning streak in months — down 23 is insufferable – I might hang up my blackjack shoes after the tournament in LV end of June — it does not seem like a “fair” game anymore (meaning…the variance completely magnifies the HE beyond the limits of good taste) – back in the day I would win with a 20…these days, it’s almost an automatic push — did something change in the game?!?

No no more playing this weekend – I know when I am beat

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