Retro Report #48 May 2015

Just arrived in AC

Played 1 shoe
Didn’t lose a double down
Trip is +2k

I had dinner with my dad then, as I was about to play, my host asked me to come to the steakhouse for a dinner and wine tasting. I told her I ate but I guess she needed to put some fannies in the seats as it is more like a time share presentation for wine connoisseurs. Now I’m going to be sitting here – I am way underdressed but my host needed seats – she definitely was reaching the bottom of the barrel asking me to show up

It would be rude to leave so I will not be playing for another 30-40 minutes

Just lost 1600 back in 1 shoe
Only won 4 hands the rest were pushes or losses
Trip +400

Ok so after losing the 1600 back, I proceeded to lose another 3k on top of it
Of course, I was cursing that dagnabbit wine tasting dinner as keeping me from the tables but I, of course, realize it is one big shoe and playing or not playing at certain times is meaningless, but, I needed something to curse in the moment…

So, there I sat and played and played and played…slowly making a comeback
A few chips here and a few chips there each shoe, it gradually got better and better until I was 200 away from once again being up 2k — alas, per the usual, I lost a double down then the next few hands and was once again back to even

I played and played some more and finally, after about another hour, had regained 1900 of the 2k I was winning and had lost back
I was dealt a blackjack and was up 2050
Tipped the dealer and now the trip is once again +2k (actually 2025)

Time for bed for me
Sweet dreams


Guy just refused to double ace 7 v 5 he would’ve had a 3 then I would’ve had 21
Next hand he refused to double ace 5 against a 6 he would’ve made 21 and so would have I
Instead was an 800 swing for me losing

I just sat down again and the same guy came in right before shoe started 3 hands later he gets ace7 v 4 and stays I had a 6 4 he stays I draw a 3 on my double ( which would’ve given him a 21 ) of course I lost the hand
What the F is wrong with people?!?
Trip -500 bc of this mofo

Ever since that guy made those bad plays I’m down
Put up my last 300 for the trip got 3 3 v dealer 2
Had to go to the ATM
First 3 dealt an 8 doubled and pulled a Jack for 21
Second 3 dealt 7 doubled got a Jack for 20

Dealer has 2 flips a 9 draws a 3 draws a 7


Ok first shoe back was a disaster lost another 1k

Switched tables and was inspired by the dealer’s story of a guy he dealt mini-bac to earlier today who started with 200 and let it ride each hand for 14 hands and won 80k

I pressed my wins more and got the 1k back from the opening shoe plus another 2k
Trip is -2k

Sat down and played another shoe got a quick 1k back
Trip is -1k

Played another ½ shoe and picked up 1k
The comeback is complete – got back to Even and calling it a weekend

BJ tourn in AC next weekend so will start fresh then

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