Retro Report #47 April 2015

So I just got to the airport and the flight is delayed by one hour – time to grab some food and take a nap


Wandering around the duty free shop – came across this:

Landed in VEGAS
My bag was first on the conveyer
In limo heading downtown!

Obligatory free snacks by the elevator photo (let the over/under on bacteria betting begin)


Host sent me a fruit and nut basket and plenty of FIJI water

Got my comped bottle


So I went to the cage to collect my $90 in free chips and the lady stated they do not have $5 denomination fake chips so they rounded up to $100 (4×25) WooHoo!

an aside…

Got into the elevator and a middle-aged guy therein was all smiles – he asked how I was doing – I said I had not yet played

He replied that he was up 8k
I said “great” and he then said the key word was “was”
I said “uhoh”
He replied he was now “only up 1500” but he was ok with it because he ran into a lucky streak and really didn’t “deserve to be up 8k”
I wished him good luck and vice-versa

Why don’t people believe they deserve to be up?

and then: I was just out on Fremont and some drunk lady approached me and asked if she could borrow my

phone–I replied “sorry but I’m going to say no”–she then gave me a nasty look and raised her hand as if she was about to slap me in the face–I tilted my head and said “I strongly advise against you doing that”–she then told me to “go fuck” myself and walked away

Got to love downtown LV


Time to play some cards:

Ok played 2 shuffles of DD

Won the first two hands then pressed up to 200 and was dealt 8,2 v dealer 9
Doubled and drew an Ace woohoo

Next hand kept 200 up
Dealt 7,4 doubles and drew a 2
Lost wah wah wah

Won a couple more hands then the shuffle came

Started out with the elevator guy walking by fist bumping me – which seemed to do the trick since I won a couple of doubles

Taking a break to get some caffeine

Trip is +1k

In the “it’s a small world” department – just ran into a cocktail waitress friend from back in my Revel UltraLounge days.  I guess some Revelers made it out to LV


Just got brutalized!

Session started out up and down for about 45 mins — remained up 1k
Then I had the following split with 200 up:

3,3 v dealer 7
First 3 dealt an 8 — doubled and drew a 6 for 17
Second 3 drew another 8 — doubled and drew a 5
Dealer flipped over an Ace for 18

Just to clear my head I switched tables
The first three hands were all doubles
Hand 1:
8,3 v 6
I drew a 9….dealer had 5 under then drew a Q

Hand 2: 7,2 v 5
I was dealt a 4…dealer had a 7 under then drew a 5

Hand 3 (pressed to 200):
I was dealt 9,2 v King
I drew an 8…dealer flipped a Jack

Trip is -2300

Got 1700 back and it all went on one hand

Pressed to 400

Split 8,8 v dealer 8
First 8 dealt 2 doubled drew a 4
Second 8 dealt 3 doubled drew a 5
Of course the dealer turned over a 10

I then lost the next 8 hands

Trip is down 3k


I almost went on TILT!
But decided to grab some food and call it a night
Have a whole new day tomorrow to start fresh

Sweet dreams


Morning session:

Just had 6 6 6 6 split out v dealer 3 and was dealt another 6 (couldn’t split beyond that)
The first 6 I was dealt a 4, doubled and drew a 5
Second 6 drew a 10
Third 6 drew a King
Fourth 6th drew a King

Dealer turns over a 10 for 13 then draws a 3 then another 3 for 19

Ok a few shuffles later things turned around

Had pressed to 200 and dealt 7,7 v dealer 7
Split and drew and Ace on both
Dealer flipped over a Jack
Finally a “routine” hand

A little more back and forth and eventually made some money back

Trip is down 2k

That sinking feeling when you are dealt 4,5 against dealer 4 and you take the card face down and the dealer turns over a Queen then draws a 7

Continued playing a bit and got back another 500 — nothing to write home about
Trip down 1500
Just lost or pushed 18 of 20 hands
Trip -3k

Just lost every F#%^*+g hand in 3 shuffles of double deck with 2 other players at the table
Trip is -5k

Approaching TILT!

The only reason I am not playing right now is I am heading to a host birthday party
(I could win a share of 10k in free play)–Seems Vegas treats me like this more often than not – we will see what happens after dinner – I hope to be in a better mood and mount a, in the words of legendary television dad Mike Brady, “calm, cool and collected” comeback–I was not a winner at the bday party (they gave away free chips/free slot play)


Lost my downtown trip bankroll
Just lost all but 2 hands in 3 shuffles of double deck (including 6 doubles)
Holy sh$&
I have no idea what to do now

Heading to the Strip tomorrow–sweet dreams


Checked out of downtown and arrived on the Strip:


Just lost 500 on 3 hands
Guy refused to hit 12 v 2; 15 v 10 and refused to split 8’s

If he plays BS , we both win all three hands

Switched tables lost first 8 hands
Trip is -9k

Just switched tables got 700 back
Trip -8300

Lost 500 back
I pushed on 21 five times
Trip -8800

Got a little more back
Trip is -7400

Post-dinner mini-session:
Got another 1600 in one shuffle of double deck won almost every hand
Trip is -5900

Played another mini-session of double deck
Played 2 shuffles picked up 1100
Trip is -4800

Just played one 6D shoe had a good mini-run and capitalized on it
Trip is -3700

Sat down at a double deck game and was quickly down 1200–Switched tables and ride the roller coaster–Eventually some positive variance in the form of 4 double downs came my way–Trip is still -3700

Sat down for a one shoe 6 deck session
Nothing much to write home about but by the end of the shoe I was up 400
Trip is -3300

Just had some pizza – relaxing watching “Insane Pools”
Bedtime soon then continue mounting the comeback and beyond tomorrow!

Sat down at a 6D game and started getting destroyed immediately–Had no stand pat hands – just hitting and busting and was quickly down 1100
I superstitiously asked for a shuffle and got it all back by the end of the new shoe–Trip is still -3300

Ok sat down to a double deck game
8 hands into it I was up 1k
Walked away
Taking a break
Trip is -2300

Sat down for a double deck game and about 6 hands in was up 800
Trip is -1500

Just lost every hand in 3 shoes of double deck save for 3 pushes and 3 wins
Trip is -3300

Switched tables and was riding the roller coaster for the past hour
Got my buy-in back so the trip is now -1500 again

Taking a dinner break – waiting for my cousin – he is coming from the airport.
So my cousin finally arrived and I got him checked in then we had dinner and I played for a couple of hours – couldn’t make MonkeyFest as his flight was delayed (supposed to be here at 5 and didn’t arrive until after 7pm and had to make sure I took care of his room and getting some food)

Sat down and bought in for 1500
That was gone in no time
Bought in for another 1k which proceeded to last me about two hours until I finally got 2300 of it back

Lady at my table refused to hit 14, 15, or 16 EVER
I pushed a hand of 21 on 4 occasions
I pushed 3 Blackjacks
I was dealt 3 Blackjacks in a row at one point

By the end of the session I had gotten 2300 of the 2500 back

Took a break to watch my cousin play–he was losing at a 25min. Table – I went to use the restroom and he went on a run and is up about 100
I then played a mini-session
Won 5 of 6 hands at a double deck game
Trip is -1200



Well this morning started off badly — losing or pushing the first 20 hands combined over three tables

Switched tables again my first hand was a blackjack then dealers next 5 hands he made 21 Trip is -3300 ( it was only -1200 about 15 minutes ago)

So…I switched tables again and got 2500 of the 2800 buy-in back in less than 5 minutes Trip is -1500

Sat down with a dealer I love to play with as he is super-fast and always has good stories–6deck shoe game–I Started with a blackjack and never looked back

Trip is -800

Walking through “Crystals” and a guy was taking a photo so I stopped so as not to get in his shot – he waived me off saying – “oh, it’s ok – I’m just taking a selfie”–Is that “selfie-awareness”? Lol



Taking a break – then dinner – then onwards and upwards

Just had some dinner at the Shake Shack after braving the rain

Going to digest and then hit the tables 🙂


Post-dinner session of double deck
Dealt natural 20 on the first three hands and the dealer made 21 each hand
Switched tables and the first three hands were doubles:

7,3 v dealer 9 (drew a 9 dealer turned over an Ace)
5,5 v dealer 5 (drew a 6 dealer turned over 9 and drew a 4)
6,3 v dealer 4 (drew a King dealer turned over a 7 then drew a Queen)

The roller coaster kicked in and after another shuffle was down 1k

Dealer change and a shuffle and within 2 shuffles got it back
Trip is still even


Just lost 2k in half a shoe dealer had 20 for 90% of the hands

Over the course of the last hour I did not get my first 20 until 55 minutes in
I was down 4k and made a last minute run to get 3k back in one shoe
Trip is -1k


Ok played a mini-session of double deck
Nothing to write home about except that finally had some give and take rather than all give
Trip is -650

Just lost 1k had 5 doubles dealer made 21 every time
Trip -1650

I then played for approximately 2 hours, over the course of which I was abused by the blackjack gods, from getting all the way back to even to once again being down 9k

annoying: a guy comes in mid shoe betting 1k a hand – wins 5 hands in a row and I lose all 5 hands

Lost another 3 then got 2 back

Trip is -10
Just finishing dinner then going to bed–need to refresh and regroup


Got a quick 2100 back – won the first 8 hands of a 6 deck shoe
Had gotten 2500 but played it out and lost a 200 double
Trip is -7900

Ok sat down for two mini-sessions:
First one won the first 5 hands then lost three and won three
Second one won two doubles then lost two doubles then roller coaster for half a shoe
All in all picked up another 900
Trip is -7k

Alright started a shoe was a roller coaster but hit a double then a blackjack and took a break having gotten another 500
Sat and chatted and about ten minutes later something told me that I should finish out the shoe – I ended up picking up another 700
Trip is -5800

Roller coaster time – picked up another 350
Trip is -5450

Just lost 14 of 15 hands – dealer had ten up every hand
Trip is -6950

Going to bed as I leave tomorrow night and want to mount an all-day comeback mañana

Sat down for a shoe before I had a teleconference regarding settling a case–promptly lost first 6 hands
Switched tables and roller coastered back to where I was
Trip -7k

Mid-morning session:
Played a double deck game with another player at the table – he would switch between one and two hands betting anywhere from 300 to 500
We both caught a couple of runs
Trip is -5500

Started a 6 deck shoe proceeded to lose two doubles but then snagged a natural BJ and two doubles and picked up 600
Trip is -4900

Caught a bad run and gave 1k back when the dealer ran off a 10 showing on every hand in double deck (save for her one blackjack when the Ace was up)
Trip is -6k

Caught a horrific run where I was once again down 10 and then, finally, a bright light:

Finally won a split had 300 up split 88 v dealer 4
First 8 dealt a 6
Second 8 dealt a 5
Dealer turns over a 7
Dealer draws a 2
Dealer draws a 3
Dealer draws a 6 for 22

Although the light quickly dimmed:
Busted every 12 in the past hour
Got 1k back dealer changed and I lost ten hands in a row
Started shoe with 3 Blackjacks in a row and I was too scared to press so finally in the 4th hand I press to 300, get a 5,6 double and draw a 6 for 17
Dealer has a 7 showing and Ace underneath
Guy just refused to hit 12 v 3 of course dealer wins hand and would’ve busted if he hits
Ended up with a nice run got 1k
Trip is -8k

I just took a picture of an amazing hand and it didn’t come out bc the pit boss was rushing me and I hit the wrong button

Had 200 up
Dealt 3 3 v dealer 2
First 3 dealt a 5 drew a 10 for 18
Second 3 dealt another 3 and split
Still second 3 dealt a king for 13
Third 3 dealt another 3 and split
Still third 3 dealt another 3 but couldn’t split anymore so drew a jack for 16
Fourth 3 dealt a 7 and doubled – drew a 9 for 19

Dealer had 2 turned over a ten, drew an Ace, drew a 2 drew a king

Trip is still -10

Bet 100 got 888 split (my last 300)
Got a 2 3 2 on each one had no money to double
Dealer busted
Trip still -10

Ok getting my bags together and throwing some cold water on my face and heading to the airport
Went on a nice run but ran out of time

Trip ends -8


My flight boards shortly
Despite the loss, had a good time and was fun hanging with my cousin

The run of cards this trip felt worse than any of my trips where I lost double – maybe because of all of the lost doubles and basically busting 95% of my 12s
Maybe because I got back to even only to let it all slip away
My cousin remarked to me that if he hadn’t witnessed the run of cards in person he would’ve called “bull$*!+” on me

Alas, c’est la vie, I’ll continue to comeback in AC 🙂


Oh boy–

Just unpacked and found that two bottles of cologne (Tom Ford Tobacco Vanile and Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi) are missing from my suitcase

Add $430+tax for those to my total trip loss

Airline wants a police report before they will investigate lol


OK so, my pre-trip MLife tier total was 80,000

My post-trip MLife tier total is 147,000

I believe the next level is Platinum at 200,000 which must be reach by october 1st in order to be valid the entire next year

Not sure I will make it by October 1st



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