Retro Report #46 April 2015

Warm-up trip before heading to Vegas next week

On the White Horse Pike (road near AC) I saw a sign out front of a convenience store that said:

“Lottery Drinks Samwitches”

I hope the misspelling was intentional.


Sat down with a dealer I like and played for 5minutes before he was tapped out

Won the first three hands with a double
Lost a hand
Then won a hand
Then dealer tapped out

Dealer just pulled 8 naturals in one shoe

Switched tables dealer got 6 naturals
Trip is -400 after being up 1100

Got a nice run winning some doubles where I had pressed to 300
Trip is +200

Dinner time

Ok had dinner and sat down to play

Won the first hand with a 13 v 3
Won the second hand with a 16 v 6
Pressed to 300 got a 6,5 v dealer 10
Doubled and dealt an 8 for 19
Dealer flipped over a 10

About 5 hands later same exact scenario with a double down except I had 5,5 v dealer 5
Drew a 10 for 20
Dealer flipped over a 6 then drew queen for 21

However, I was dealt 3 naturals and got a nice run
Trip is +1200

I then sat down and before I played a lady at another table told me the dealer I was going to play with was hot – I did not heed her fair warning and played anyway
Had a nice half shoe and picked up 900
Trip is +2100 time for bed ๐Ÿ™‚

Sweet dreams

Wow talk about sleeping in
Good morning – I mean, good afternoon

First two shoes of the day the dealer has a combined 7 Blackjacks to my one

Had a nice run going pressed to 200
Dealt 8,8 v 6
First 8 dealt a 2
Doubled drew a 7 for 17
Second 8 drew a 10 for 18
Dealer has 6…10 draws a 3
After that I lost 10 hands in a row
Trip +600


Switched tables
Won a few hands put up 300
Got a split 9,9 v 9
Dealt a 10 on each
Dealer flips over an Ace
Trip is -200

Got a nice run in about 15 hands
Got back to even then some
Trip is +1100

Ok took a brief respite and came down to play

The first shoe started looking bad
Had pressed to 300
Dealt 2,2 v 2
First 2 dealt an Ace then 4 then a 10 for 17
Second 2 dealt an 8 – doubled drew a 6 for 16
Dealer 2 flipped over 6 dealt a 10 for 18

A few hands later once again pressed to 300
Dealt 8,8 v dealer 9
First 8 dealt a 10 for 18
Second 8 dealt a King for 18
Dealer flips an Ace

Dealer change after the shoe

Hit a nice run won 3 doubles
Dealt 3 naturals
Was able to press nicely up to 300
Trip is +2100

Started off nicely and it seems that whenever I press to 300 I get a double and lose – so, no surprise it happened again – I won’t bore you with the details but after one shoe I had lost 600

Second shoe began with a dealer change and a change of luck, so to speak

Hit a couple of naturals followed by winning 2 doubles
By the end of the shoe I picked up some nice change
Trip is +3350


Getting tired – going to grab some pizza and go relax in the room and call it a good trip

Vegas in a little over 2 weeks





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