Retro Report #45 March 2015

Back again to haunt AC – goal of trip is +3750
Trying to get a little back at a time before LV



Was even through 3 1/2 shoes then just lost the last 11 of 14 hands in the 4th shoe

Guy sat down and played 1k a hand – he would make 21 on 8 doubles – he only lost 5 hands the entire shoe

I, of course, was treated quite the opposite – losing 2300 in the shoe and, I was so annoyed that on the last hand of the shoe I was dealt an Ace, 6 v dealer Q — I hit and got an Ace for 18 — then, as if I was in an out of body experience–I saw myself waving off a hit and, of course, lost (no explanation why I did that–mystifies me as well)
Since it was the last hand I asked to see the next card and it was a 3

Got on a nice nice run and was 100 from being even on the trip on 3 occasions – of course, as usually happens, I get a double and lose then lose a few in a row after that
So, after being down 2800 I am now only down 500

Taking a break


Ok had dinner at Grotto’s (rigatoni bolognese)

Relaxed a bit watching Shark Tank in the room then headed down to the floor

It is packed here – noticed a whole bunch of new employees all formerly from the Revel

Also watched a roulette game where 6 of the last 10 spins were all “9”

I sat down to play and hit the ground running
I played one shoe, was dealt 3 naturals…but no doubles or splits
However, they weren’t necessary as I made my way to the positive side of the ledger

Trip is +1650

Time for bed


Good morning session

Started shoe as follows:

press to 300 – split 8,8 lose
Press to 400 lose

Over the next 2 shoes I would lose 90% of doubles and presses
Ughhhhh – variance is a killer
Trip is +1700


Just lost 9 hands in a row including 3 doubles — back to even

Ok new shuffle

First 5 hands:

Pressed to 200 got a k,k v dealer 6 flips over Ace
Rode the 200 and dealt 10,3 v dealer 5 flips over 6 draws 5 draws 10
Have 200 up dealt 7,7 v dealer 7 split
First 7 dealt 4 double draw 9 for 20
Second 7 dealt 4 double draw 10 for 21
Dealer turns over an Ace for 18

Then went on a little roller coaster ride and by the end of the shoe I was back to +1700

Ok just played a mini-session

1st hand pushed 20
2nd hand pushed 20
Third hand got a blackjack
Pressed up 250 and won the hand
Lost the 5th and 6th hands
Won the 7th
Pressed to 300 and won with a 7,7 v dealer 2 (he busted) (I split and got nada)
Roller coaster again for a few hands and ultimately +1k
Trip is +2700


I had dinner then took a nap – heading down to play shortly


Just played 2 shoes – would’ve reached my goal but lost when I had 200 up and a three way split 999 v 6 pulled a ten on each and dealer had a 5 under and of course drew a 10
Still playing trip is +2200

Dealer just beat me on 3 straight doubles with 21

Played through another shoe and picked up another 300
Trip is +3k

Just lost first 7 hands then lost 5 doubles in the shoe
Trip +2100

Had a nice run – was up to +3500 then lost 8 in a row

Went on a killer run with some good pressing
Trip ended +390

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