Retro Report #44 March 2015

Just arrived and checked in 🙂

Staying for the night as my host is having her birthday celebration tonight so that should be fun

Played two hours lost 80% of doubles and splits
Down 3100
Yikes — so far it is not fun at all

Last hand had no money left at table and did not want to go to the room so I was unable to double – if I did I would’ve won instead I ended up playing the hand normal and lost because I took an extra hit

These past two weekends are reminding me of my past two Memorial Day weekend trips

Taking a dinner break for host bday party then going to think positively and kick some a$$

Just won $250 at my host’s birthday party raffle lol

Just ran into a couple of friends playing craps

One friend of mine rolled about 10minutes and then I rolled (I was not playing) basically, if I had bet on my friend’s roll and my roll I’d have been halfway home

Off to play blackjack…


Played a few shoes picked up 1k
Trip now -2100

Played another shoe got 1k – nothing much to write home about other than actually winning some doubles and splits
Trip now -1100

Just lost 1k in a shoe losing 5 doubles
Back to -2100

Had 200 up
Dealt 2,2 v dealer 4

2, 7 doubled got Ace for 20
2, 9 doubles got 9 for 20
Dealer has 4 turns over 7 dealt 4, dealt Ace dealt 5 for 21
A 1600 swing FML

Taking a break – was down another 2k and mightily got that back

Trip once again -3100

Just saw a guy get on bended knee and propose to a girl – she said yes but they both appear highly intoxicated


Just had 250 up dealt Ace Ace v dealer Ace
Ace, 8 for 19
Ace, 7 for 18
Dealer Ace, turns over 5, draws 10 draws 5 for 21
1000 swing
Trip -4100

Just lost every double in 3 shoes

Going home two week loss 14k

Seriously thinking of retiring from playing

It doesn’t feel like a fair game anymore when the dealer consistently makes 21 at will

No trip next weekend—I need a mental break from playing – even though, in the long run, it is all one continuous shoe, and going one weekend versus another weekend has nothing to do with whether I will win or lose, I feel like I need a mental break

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