Retro Report #43 Feb. 2015

Arrived for an over nighter – my first trip back to AC since November

Sat down to play a mini-session while waiting for room and in 2 shows was up 1200

Checked into the room and went back down to survey the scene and play some more…

High limit room had 4 tables open, 2 of which were RESERVED

Something that got on my nerves was the dealer’s fingers (2 female dealers had band aids on them) and the cards were sticking with each draw from the shoe–made for a dizzying stutter effect

So I began the next session playing one on one
First hand was 7,7 v dealer 7
First hand: 7,4 doubled got an 8 for 19
Second hand: 7,10 for 17
Dealer had 7, turned over a 4…drew a 3 then a 7

The next two shoes were more of the same, losing 7 of 9 (no Star Trek reference intended)

Trip is -1700

Just lost every hand in a shoe except 3 wins and 3 pushes

Trip -3800

Taking a shower and hitting the reset button before I end up on tilt

Going to try and get a little bit back at a time over the course of the evening

Just sat down and played 2 hands got a double on both and won and got up so got a quick 400 back – dealer couldn’t believe I was getting up after winning first two hands double down
Dinner break and then try to slowly climb back
Trip is -3400

Played another 2 mini sessions totaling about ½ shoe
Got another 900 back
Trip is -2500

Played another couple of shoes – things started turning badly when the dealer was sorting an Ace of Face up on an inordinate number of hands — started to dwindle what I had won back but, alas, the tides turned and I was able to press and get some good bets in

Trip is now -2100

Dealer just made 10 Blackjacks in a shoe
Lost it all
Down 4500

Switched to a new store

Been up and down
Dealer made 21 or BJ the first 7/10 hands in the last shoe I played – then things turned around
Trip now -3400

Just lost every hand but 4 in a shoe
Ending the trip at -6900

How does variance just die like that — dealer making every 16 whereas I bust every 12

an aside: Lady at Bally’s yesterday would hit the Lucky Ladies side bet repeatedly – she was betting $25/hand on two hands but would then play $100 on Lucky Ladies – she would hit suited (9-1 odds) a couple of times then leave to go play slots – come back and tell us she needed some more Lucky Ladies and repeated the cycle about 5 times







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